General symptons regading person get caught with negative/bad soul.

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I wants to describe here some generalized symptoms regarding person caught with hidden bad soul .
Lose temper to any one very frequently.
Continuously feeling of unknown fear .
Lake of sleeps. Not able to sleep even after taking sleeping pills in sever case.
Lake of self confidence.
Not able to hear any kind talks regarding death , accidents or horror movies.
Easily Caught in any kind of fears.
When driving vehicle always feeling a fear of he will face any accident or vehicle coming from front will hit his vehicle.
When he or she going to sleep they will feel jerking in any part of body specially hands,legs,head (awaking) before going to deep sleeps.
Not able to hear any spiritual song or get disturb with it.
No interest or joy in any kind of parties of or any kinds of social occasions.
Feel that there is no need of him /her to present in this world he /she willing of death for leave this world and got permanent peace . In severity and bad case some unlucky people got suicide. This is main reasons of any kind of suicide death.
If people passing through good time slice of subha grah will think all these are fake things .
These can only be relies who are passing or already passed through such bad time slice.
This is happen when some one mainly passing through rahu or ketu’s mahadasa or rahu, ketu’s annter dasha .
There is written by me to aware people by sharing my knowledge.

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On the contrary

I think this is a common mistake - these symptoms are good ones that indicate the contrary - these are symptoms of a person caught with very good soul or energies - It is just that all the garbage is thrown out, get disposed. The accumulated negative residues cannot disappear like thin air all of a sudden, the same way they were brought in, they are now thrown out.

Let them flow out despite all the possible temporal pain and discomfort. Labeling them as bad will only trigger resistance and thus blocking of their way out

zoya | Sat, 06/05/2010 - 14:02
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I disagree with you.
Person having such symptons which i mention here are already heel by me .

Trilok | Tue, 06/08/2010 - 07:12