By Gazing at nose-tip one cannot acquire non dual wisdom.

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The goal of the seeker after truth is not the same of the yogi. The seekers goal is to acquire non dual wisdom, where as the yogis goal is to attain Samadhi. This non dual wisdom is to know all the three states are erupted out of Ataman sustained by Ataman finally they dissolve as Ataman.

All the three states are seen to Ataman which is the witness of the three states. When one has no idea of being separated from the three states, then there is no idea of space, time and form.

By Gazing at nose-tip one cannot acquire non dual wisdom. But if one want knowledge he must look on everything as soul, have only one thought—everything is Ataman.

All the three states disappear back to the soul. They are only names and forms. Where have they gone? The Mind is also Ataman. If one knows whole world is dream, or is mental, when all the states go, it becomes Ataman/soul. Hence he who becomes a sage is able to know himself as Ataman. This is the meaning of non-causality. Mind seemed to be the cause of duality, but its elimination shows clearly that they are non-different from it.

The Gnani cannot change anyone; but he can direct and guide them.