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Recently I posted the following and got a very angry response from the fourth way group moderator. Thought to post it here and see. I would try to clarify my position as it may be a little obscure specially to those not familiar to the Fourth way. My post was in response to a querry by one of the senior members of the group wherein he inquired if I was merely being curious or had a Teacher and had finally joined a Fourth way group. The response of this member was to a post of mine inquiring if

"What do you think of Oscar Ichazo &
his group The Arica School, also known
as the Arica Institute, the information
is available at

Do you think this is a true line of the
fourth way similar to the one propounded
by Gurdjieff and tracing its root to Sarmoung".

I consider my position in the game as a spectator. I may not be as good a player and may not even know all the rules. Yet as a keen spectator I know that there are players who play by the rules and those that don't. I see the refree too and appreciate his conduct of the game. I admire the adoration and faith in the refree of those who want to play by the rules.

Players forget that we as spectators are also an important part of the Game and may know a thing or two. For example we know when someone is not playing by the rules and when refree is not discharging the obligation that he took on out of his own free will.

I am not going to name the group and am not a member of it now having opted out. The post on which I got the angry response is given below.

"The Ways

It was divided a long time ago as to which way
a particular archetype would take. These ways
are :-

1. Way of practise.
2. Way of Transformation.
3. Way of insight.

I may not be following the way of transformation
but the way of philosophy is not same as the way
of Insight either. The relation is same as the outer
and the inner. There is no secrecy involved here
and its like following the Pole star instead of the

As regards Oscar Ichazo its very clear that he
goes back to the same source and to find that out one
would have to do a little more than look up the
link that I provided and there is also the information
given by Claudio Naranjo.

By the way Ichazo never used the enneagram as a tool
for personality but distanced himself from the
movement as did Claudio when his pupil brought it to
the public domain though it was his (Claudio's)
brain child and he claims to have channeled it."

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I couldn't understand from

I couldn't understand from what you wrote - what in it is your words, what is the response, how exactly it is related to the 4th way and Gurdjieff, what's the context...

mariposa | Tue, 02/21/2012 - 06:31
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Philosophy, Theory & Practise

Well that’s very reasonable so here is a brief context and then I would give the relation of what I wrote to the fourth way. I had been a member of Gurdjieff forum for over an year wherein I posted practically daily and was routinely ticked off as being a one brained being in that I use only my intellect as against using the other two brains that is named as emotional center and moving center which may well be the case. I was expelled from the group as the moderator felt that I had served the purpose and I was often asked by all senior members to join the fourth way group under a Teachers Guidance.

The fourth way group wherein present interaction took place was a dead group and moderator asked in a way, for someone to post in a hope it could be revived.

I therefore inquired about Oscar Ichazo who I feel represents the lineage of Gurdjieff on the authority of Claudio Naranjo and a bit of intuition (which is not a very good word to me).

Now Gurdjieff divides the ways into three traditional ways and claims that his is the Fourth Way. The three ways dealing with body, emotions and mind according to him are

1. The way of the fakir.
2. The way of the monk.
3. The way of the yogi.

He also felt that

"Even if you found schools you would find only 'philosophical' schools," he said. "In India there are only 'philosophical' schools. It was divided up in that way long ago; in India there was 'philosophy,' in Egypt 'theory,' and in present-day Persia, Mesopotamia, and Turkestan—'practice.'"
"And does it remain the same now?" I asked.
"In part even now," he said. "But you do not clearly understand what I mean by 'philosophy,' 'theory,' and 'practice.' These words must be understood in a different way, not in the way they are usually understood.
(Chapter One Page 22 In Search of Miraculous)

Since I had replied to the query of my not joining a fourth way group a number of times in Gurdjieff Forum where the moderator and the senior member who asked belonged, I thought to reply by pointing out another way of looking at Ways and also suggesting (implied) that interpretation of Gurdjieff about India in this context may not be up to the mark.

joejo | Tue, 02/21/2012 - 14:43
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Role Play

"Whenever I do anything, I do a great deal of it." Otherwise expressed in the saying,
"If you go on a spree, then go the whole hog, including the postage." [1. The arousing of thought, p. 41] "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson."(BTHG)

Now that I have already given some connection of my post to Fourth way let me go ahead and bring out the further connections which may shed some light on the very angry response of the moderator in a hope thereby that I absolve myself of the sin of being judgmental.

The fourth way traces its history to Egypt where the deity worshiped was Sun or RA so my reference to Sun in my post was regarding this. Also in second chapter of "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson" Beelzebub is invited to a special conference in the solar system whose sun is the "Pole Star."

Now Pole star always gives accurate directions and has been used for time immemorial for navigation. The problem with Sun as far as spiritual journey is concerned is that since it shows so many details it is likely to distract the traveler in investigating psychic phenomenon.

Since I am a Peacock I gave this subliminal message which unknowingly that is their waking consciousness being unaware, their true or subliminal consciousness understood and therefore a very angry response.

joejo | Wed, 02/22/2012 - 02:08