the game

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god planned to start one game,
now the first thing he made to start the game is "time" or u can say "kaal"
as example: same like a man who plan to make a video game
the first thing he need is time or kaal to
make the game.

now god added the part of his sprit with kaal or time as a source of energy

for example: same like a man who plugs the current in the
computer as a source of energy

now god made one more thing called "maya" as a source of software to run the game.
now the game is ready to began and he started playing game
for example : "MARIO" suppose the game has 84 stages
now he has crossed 70 stages , now he is so much intrested in the game that he has forgotten what he is ,now he is too much busy in the game and don't want to leave the game.

now there is ur answer: u are like "mario" in the game.

ur first birth is like when "mario" entered in the first stage.

there is no difference between u and god,or as example we can say that god is mario & mario is god, but u are thinking the game as real ,and started loving the game,
u are busy in collecting points like "mario" that is called ego ,he himself is playing the game in all of us even animals or any thing ,thats why one who comes out of the game find himself or herself as god,he comes to know everything, thats why anybody on this earth ever came out of this game or we can say that get enlightened, turnes quit,
and does not disturb his own game. well this is very very short example the brief is unwriteable. good bye