Gaining the Highest Spiritual Growth

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Gaining the highest spiritual growth.

Over the more than 30 years that William LePar allowed his spiritual source, The Council, to speak through him I believe that this is one of the most important pieces of information given to us. It is the way to gain our highest spiritual level while living on the earth plane.

The Council: When you can raise your will to the Will of God, to your Creator, you will have succeeded and overcome and accomplished. When you start to look at yourself as the personal ambassador of that Divine God, that you personally have been chosen by Him to administer His Love to each person that you come into contact with, you will have achieved perfection. It is that simple. When your will is the Will of God. And the Will of God, is it something complicated? Is it something hidden? Is it something mysterious? No, no. It is this: That you should be your brother's keeper. The same old thing repeated over and over and over and over from the beginning of time. Love someone unconditionally, and you are doing the Will of God. Accept someone just as they are. Pass no judgment and you are fulfilling the Will of God.

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