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***** Guru's Discription *****

Name of the guru: Sound.
Place of the guru: Within everybody.
Work of the guru: Just pull and takes towards salvation.

***** Eligiblity to be a student? *****

Totally --- is the decision, made by person, further who has attained this guru.

***** Who has attained him? *****

Only just "God" himself, has the right to introduce this person to us.

***** How will "God" introduce this person to us? *****

Only pure heart PRAYERS,---- work here.


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Number of disciples of this guru that realized the self: None.

Reason: It cannot control the mind because mind is controlling the interaction with it.

Conclusion: Despite ego and mind tricky resistance, submit to an external living flesh-and-blood guru who can counter the mind and thus eliminate its control.

kaput | Fri, 06/17/2011 - 16:18
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And once again ...

Only the PRAYERS by pure hearts work here.

Quote: " O kabira, if your mind seems to be uncontrolled --- just leave him, and control your body, because how can the arrow be shooted with a broken bow " -Kabir.

Try again and again, one day your mind will have to join your heart.


jasdir singh jaura | Sun, 06/19/2011 - 06:49