Funny Ego, Ah!

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Dear Ones,

The ego is a very funny thing and it trigger so many buttons, so many dynamics... what is the ego anyway?

Every time you look in the mirror someone/something tells this and that, who is really saying whatever? we as human beings are such an amazing complex system of so many things at the same time and we also have something called the ego, what a wondeful thing.

For me the ego helps us to go deeper into the spiritual path since it creates an invitation to work with our karma, so the more egotistic we are i feel that there is a greater responsability to be aware of what is going on and see the tricks of the ego. The ego will always try to get its way around, which is fine if we are aware of it, but honestly if we continue to get triggered about silly things, then we have to deal with certain dynamics that we actually create ourselves and i believe this is our choise. and when this dynamics are created we better face them with all our honesty and transcende whatever is created.