Friends, Relitives, & lifepartner are "FALSE RELATIONS"

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"Sukh mein aan bahaut mil beathet, rehat chahu dis ghere"
"vipat pare sabb hi sang chadat, kaou na avat nehere"
"ghar ki naar sada hit ja saiun, rehat sada sang lagi"
"jab hi hans taji eh kaya, preaat preaat kar bhagi"
"eah bid ko biohar binyo hai, ja seio neiho lagayo"
"anat baar nanak bin harji, kou kaam na ayieo"

When the man is happy & strong every one behaves friendly, Every one comes and sit with him like his friends,
But when the same person becomes needy & helpful, every one including friends & relitives starts ignoring & avoiding him,
As well when the person is alive his lifepartner seems to be with him, But when the person dies his life partner does not come close to his deadbody and feel afarid to touch the deadbody and run away by saying that he has became a"MUMMY" or "Ghost" now,
So by saying all this the author wants to transfer the message that all these relations of Friends,relitives & lifepartner are "FALSE RELATIONS"
So the "TRUE RELATION" is only "GODS RELATION" which is only helpful at the time of death, rest all relations runs away, So one should devlop his true relation only with "GOD".