Freedom from Suffering

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"Your suffering is not
because you feel lonely,
or you feel sad, worthless
or unsuccessful or any of that.

You suffer because
you avoid this moment.

At an unconscious level,
you refuse to accept
your experience in this moment
and therefore resist it.

The mind is always
interested in changing
this moment.

And the self help industry
has made millions
telling you how you
can be different than you are,
how you can be better.

As though there is something
wrong with you.
As though you happened
to be a factory second.

God hiccuped
and now here you are
stuck in experiencing something
that isn't right.

But there is no hiccup.

You are as you are.
Your experience is as it is.

And the only way
to contentment
is to be present in this.

To find a way
through meditation
to surrender your resistance
to this moment.

To let go of all of the
manipulative ways
you try and change what is,
and simply be alive
in what is.

You may think someone
is happier because
they are better looking than you,
richer than you,
more loved by others,
more confident,
had a happier childhood,
and its all nonsense.

The key to happiness
is to be alive in this moment.
Whether you just won the lottery
or you just got a paper cut.

Be alive in that.
Don't try and resist it,
be present in it.

Experience it directly beyond
the mind perception.

Beyond all of the judgments
that say this is good, this is bad,
this is right, this is wrong.

If you commentate on it in any way,
you have just invented yourself
as a person that is separate
from this moment.

All of your problems
will dissolve and you will
be completely fulfilled
if you do this one thing:
If you be alive in this moment.

If you willingly
let go of the idea
of who you are and what you know
and experience
life, living in this moment
for the first time.

Because it is always
the first time.

You are born
in this very moment.
In every moment.

It's only when you carry
dead things into this moment
that there is the illusion
that you are a person
with problems that need to be solved.



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Acceptance of the present moment...


All is as it is.Whatever or however it is.

Acceptance of the present moment does end suffering...
Yet the present moment also contains in it whatever you think you need to do ,either to leave it be as it is or to change whatever one feels one needs to do to change it..the wanting to change it is NOT non-acceptance of the moment but is included in it.Not apart from the present moment but in fact all one flow ,all-encompassing totality. Nothing,NO-THING, is separate from life as it is-not even the need to change it...!!!


MAI | Wed, 07/04/2012 - 05:30
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Love it ! someone

Love it !

someone somewhere once said -

pain is inevitable but suffering is an option !

ruby246 | Wed, 07/04/2012 - 20:04
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Pain and Suffering!

When you identify certain state as pain then only you suffer!

Pain is a concept of mind...suffering is byproduct.
Pain and suffering are relative factors.

When you are blissful...You are at the Cliff of the Mountain...Pain remains at bottom,it can not touch the cliff.

bonya basu | Thu, 07/05/2012 - 07:09
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The identification of

The identification of something as pain is not the reason of suffering. It is usually quite the opposite.

Suffering is indeed a response to pain, it is the result of a response of resistance, of not accepting the pain, of trying to eliminate it in the cases where you cannot eliminate it. It is very easy to check it in direct real time in personal experience.

If you consciously identify a certain thing as pain and observe the painful sensation (whether it is mental and/or physical) without trying to eliminate it, without trying to fight it or resist it, then you suddenly see that there is pain, even great unbearable pain, but no suffering. It feels like a magic.

The rule is always: if you can eliminate the pain, eliminate and resist it by all means. But if you can't, don't try to fight it, this mental reaction triggers suffering. Instead observe and fully accept it and then it may remain or disappear due to the conscious non-resistant observation - but by then you will not care if it remains or not because you have already accepted it.

All this important and central mechanism of pain and suffering is beautifully described in and in

david | Thu, 07/05/2012 - 07:54