Freedom from Contraction is Freedom from Separation

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“In meditation,
become aware of the two experiences
of contraction and non-contraction.

When you are trying to control this moment
or when you are involved in thinking,
there is contraction; you can feel it.

Attention has either contracted
into control or identifying with thinking.

When you let everything be,
even thinking, attention un-contracts.
Attention is released from being involved
with thinking or control
and automatically rests in its natural
essential state of awareness.

You are not doing awareness,
awareness is what is when you are un-contracted.
Awareness is formless, boundless and free.
There is the feeling of ease;
of a complete dissolution of all stress.

So notice and feel the difference between
contraction and non-contraction.

Don’t try and understand it as you can’t
know it through thinking.
You just have to feel it.

Just by recognizing these two perceptions
you can learn to remain in un-contraction
for longer periods of time
both in meditation and going about your day.

It is not that you have to remain un-contracted all of the time,
because you have to being involved with thinking and control
to do certain things.

But you will find a lot of the time,
even if it is just for a few seconds,
you can relax back into non-contraction.
And every time you do that,
your gateway into bliss and freedom expands.

Much love,


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