Freedom & Security

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Like the living earth human life also has two poles and an equator. Freedom and Security form the two poles. Freedom is the North Pole and Security the South and Navel is the point of equator.

Because of the bulging at the equator (literally like in hindu god Ganesh) the human being does not form a perfect Sphere but is flattened at both poles. He has neither total Security nor Freedom.

Feet firmly planted on the ground is an apt statement of our search for Security and is indeed the very basis on which a sane life can be built, giving us the choice to explore and find the much coveted freedom.

Alas we don't meet the challenges of life squarely head on and go to neurotic lengths to find certainties in life where none exist. It is also true that life is not all a matter of chance and there are well defined laws known to modern day science and a theory of "Everything" which was known to our ancient seers (rishis) and rediscovered from time to time individually by seekers of truth.

These well defined Laws that offer us complete security are like the radius of the circle which when divided by it gives irrational number pi which is "Freedom from the known".

All life forces vibrate and thus a thing sought to the extreme becomes its own opposite. For example Security when sought by an individual, community or nation to the extreme (which is the norm) is the cause of insecurity by keeping the gunpowder of war and conflict piled up physically or psychologically. This is equally true about the search for freedom (hippy movement).

Balance of these Two Forces of Freedom and Security is Life which is achieved Consciously or forced by nature by its own methods when we are unconscious.

Let us therefore seek to be Conscious or Awake.

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Tao of Jonathon
Thank you for sharing this with us. I find it to be a unique perspective.I understand what you are saying.

Tao of Jonathon | Thu, 10/03/2013 - 19:42