Freedom & Intelligence

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Why do we have this herd instinct? i have watched those wild life shows on national geography and fully understand the benefits of physical survival from being in a group. i am also aware that referrals & connectedness could get us a good job but beyond that why do we seek to belong to a group ( even spiritual). AS in this forum we have the soul-mates & it amuses me no end. Why is it that our opinion of what we are is so totally dependent on others that we rush for some sort of psychological support every-time.

To think over something requires a mind that is not scared to investigate. Are we really serious about discovering ourselves and can we really question our pet beliefs and dogmas unless we are prepared to stand alone?

Another related issue is the dependence on stimulation. We require this kind of a stimulation because without it we cannot think about anything independently. It is this very psychological dependence that makes the mind dull.

While i am not against Gurus i wish to ask why we rush to hold on to some or the other authority or conform to the teachings. If our motives were clear a True Guru won't mind our questioning. In fact in Geeta (holy scripture of Hindu's) one is asked to know the truth by pari-prashnena which means repeated questioning.

Another way is the way of revolt which is not very different from those that conform because they draw the energy from that very source. A thing related to another cannot be different from it. So revolt or opposition is not very different from conformity.

Intelligence can operate only when we are free which comes from a mind that is not scared to stand alone.