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We are bound and think that we are free may be a unique paradox. Even those a little more aware see the bondage in the system or establishment which is to say out there rather than in the very fabric of our consciousness. It is not difficult to see that society corrupt or exploitative that it is could not be unless we made it so. The degradation out there is the product of deterioration of our psyche. Our increased technological advancement has been used as much to enslave fellow humans and perpetuate an unequal society. We do feel self righteous indignation and feel they are the cause least realising that we too are product of the same competitive social system.

Not only are we conditioned biologically but psychologically too. Our thinking arises out of the conditioning that we have acquired from our parents, friends, peers and society. Feeling of individuality is so pervasive and persistent that it would require more than a serious enquiry to get to the bottom of the matter. That is if we in the first place see the fact of our bondage.

Freedom then is a worthy goal but not the outward freedom alone but more importantly the freedom to stand without crutches and see the contents of human psyche which are shared though their expression may be individual thereby giving us a false sense of individuality.