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The real question is can the mind be free of the burden of thousand yesterdays. The problem is that as a society we are so used to a life with hopes, expectations, fears, worries and desires that we fail to notice the yoke that we have been carrying.

Those who are a little more questioning get caught up in methods, practice, self abnegation and weird beliefs. The burden that we carry is not independent of us. It is our wants that keep it alive and resurrect it from time to time. What would we be without hope and desire that vitalise us and give meaning to the meaningless.

We are building powerful telescopes to look at the distant galaxies and talk about extraterrestrial life but have forgotten to examine what is near at had and that is our daily life. No one would get accolades for examining such a humdrum and routine thing and hence the search of the exotic. It is this urge in man to seek sensations that makes him dull for he has trained his mind to go to sleep when something "exciting" is not happening.

The burden of the past is not something solid but it is our habit that makes it appear so. To break this habit one only requires to look at life afresh without hopes, expectations and desires. If he could do it for even a moment (consciously) he has broken from the burden of yesterday or thousands of yesterdays. At that moment he is free and he could discover in this freedom what it means to live.