Fragrance of Babaji........Be Happy....Have Faith......Everything depends upon Faith.......

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His body is broad, sometimes quite large in stature. At times, he seems to carry the earth in his belly. He once told a devotee that it contains five babies. Someone explained this as meaning all of creation, consisting of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether. One devotee had an experience of entering Babaji's body and in fact viewing, seemingly, the whole universe contained therein.
Despite this load, grace characterises all of his movements. He walks, sometimes carrying a staff, and his feet, like the lotus flower, do not seem to rest on the ground. At times he leaves no footprints. When he recently stepped on a weighing scale, it registered 75 kilos, about 165 pounds. Yet he carries his weight like a cloud. He will run up a hill as though wings were attached to his feet. Some people who have carried him report that he seems to weigh almost nothing. A book in Hindi describes the cosmic significance of every part of his physical body. One gets the feeling, and it is so reported, that even his slightest movement impacts the entire cosmos. And when he tosses his head back in a burst of laughter or nods it ever so slightly in assent to a question posed by a devotee, one's heart fills in ever expanding love for him.

The fragrance of his presence is unmistakable, unique. Some say musk like though it's unlike anything I've ever smelled before. It lingers endlessly on things he has used, his shawl, his pillows. One devotee with whom Babaji stayed for several days in Delhi told me that his divine fragrance remained for six months in the room, and was noticeable even to people who knew nothing about him or the fact of his visit. One day when I was cleaning the area outside his room at Haidakhan, his fragrance was strongly present. He had been away more than two months then.

This fairest flower of creation, ocean of mercy without any motive; why has he come to the world? To the worldly minded it is impossible to perceive Babaji's nature. But God has few to whom he whispers in the ear. It is for these that he has come into the world. This is what he said:

I am everywhere - in your every breath. I am come to help you realise unity beyond division. I will show you a freedom you have not imagined. You must seek that unity where there is an awareness that we are all one and the same. You should seek harmony in all that you do. I am harmony. If you are in peace, I am in peace. If you are troubled, I am troubled. If you have problems, I have problems. If you are happy, I am happy. Be happy. Have faith. Everything depends on faith.

Babaji has come to the world to remove the bonds of sorrow of man, to change their hearts and minds, to bring in the golden age of Truth. From his infinite mercy and love, his teaching comes. This teaching-so simple, so powerful, capable of dissolving all the sins of the world, yet natural, intimate to one's inner essence, the basis of all religions.

Babaji's teaching is threefold: (1) Live life in Truth, Simplicity and Love; (2) Remember God always by repeating His name. Though he says any name of God which appeals is appropriate, he teaches that the Maha Mantra or ultimate name of God is. Om Namah Shivaya. This, he says, is the highest mantra. It means I bow to Shiva or I take refuge in God. Repeat this always. It purifies the heart and mind so that God can dwell therein. (3) Perform work-karma yoga. Work for humanity, give everything of yourself for others, all your energy and resources. Idleness, he says, is death, the breeding ground for evil. By working and dedicating all to God, one reaches God.


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