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What is fragmentation? Why is it important to be not fragmented but be Aware of the wholeness of life? Fragmentation must of necessity include a division. Let us say I have a list of to do tasks. I would of necessity prioritise them in order to efficiently handle them and put my resources to best use. This kind of prioritisation is inescapable in life and cannot be called fragmentation. Another kind is to break up a complex problem into simpler parts and address them first. Now this is a unique ability of thought and its proper use makes a person successful in life.

Yet this very thought is the cause of psychological fragmentation which is the division in our psyche, the source of conflict and sorrow. Thought by its very nature is fragmentary. It divides and compares for better evaluation and this is the ground that breeds jealousy, envy, pride and sense of division between self and not-self in our psyche. The division into conscious and subconscious, the important and the mundane, spiritual and profane leaves the fragmented psyche which is unable to appreciate the wholeness of life. The sum of parts can never be the whole.

To appreciate the Wholeness of Life this fragmentary activity of thought must cease in our psyche. We should be able to harness its potential in dealing with physical world and yet keep the wholeness of life and its beauty intact. This requires extraordinary intelligence which comes into being when fragmentation has ended. I know this would seem an argument in circle which it is not.