Four states

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Man has fallen to the lowest heavens and (if) he must rise to the highest through the "Seven" fold way. By the world of seven heavens one does not mean the lower three for they belong to the lowest state of "Consciousness."

As can be seen from above "fall" is the fall in the state of "Consciousness" and broadly classified they are "four" and added to them the transitions it makes for the seven fold way.

Now the fall through the succeeding lower states happens automatically after the first step due to something which I would like to term as runaway effect. However, the ascent is through stages and the gaps need to be crossed deliberately (through effort) knowingly or unknowingly. The higher state of "Consciousness" is "Knowing" as against ignorance and could also be termed Super-Consciousness, Substratum or Objective Consciousness.

The lowest state of "Consciousness" where we all find ourselves could be called "Object-consciousness". As the word itself suggests it is defined by the objects, physical world or senses and has a focus resting on these to be defined by them. Identification with physical world is another way of defining it. The gap between this and the "Inner-Subjective-Consciousness" is filled up by "mechanical effort" and this is where all religions have their usefulness.

The "Inner-Subjective-Consciousness" or psyche is a vast realm with many marvels and one could only ascend through it into the higher state of "Real- Consciousness" or "Self-Consciousness" if one has dispassion for false and love of truth. One may also require a guide at this stage.

The gap between the "Inner-Subjective-Consciousness" and "Real- Consciousness" or "Self-Consciousness" is "Void" and can be filled up only by "Conscious" self effort. One has to be a light to oneself or be in touch with their inner Guru to make "Conscious-Effort" of the kind needed to cross it.

Beyond is the state of highest state called Super-Consciousness, Substratum or Objective Consciousness. The gap between this and the succeeding lower i e “Real- Consciousness" or "Self-Consciousness" is filled by will of the Absolute and one can do nothing in this regard.

There is a descent after the ascent but we could only speculate in this regard so needless to say "no pain no gain".