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Put yourself in the place of others. Learn this great secret. What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. The doctrine
of unity of the atman (the self), is the foundation of morality.
No one tries to harm himself. How can one, who knows that each and every being is his own self, harm anyone?

Share what you have with others. This is vedanta. Aparigraha (non-covetousness) is a very important item in the practice of yama or
self-restraint, in raja yoga of Patanjali. Aparigraha is non-receiving of gifts, it is freedom from covetousness. This leads to
purity of thought and independence.

The purer you are, the nearer to God you will be. A pure heart is the most essential thing required for good health of body and mind, and
for attaining God-realisation. Religion resides only in the pure heart. Only the simple can be pure. He who is pure in heart attains

Humility is a fundamental virtue. It is the secret of the saints. He who lives the life of humility and simplicity earns the supreme bliss
of eternity. Humility is freedom from self-conceit.

Obliterate the sense of I-ness. Obliterate the idea of, "I am doing" or, "I will do". You are on the way to infinity. You will take the
plunge into the ocean of divine wisdom and love.

You are not the doer. Do not think of the good deeds you have done and do not even expect any thanks for what you do. If you help a man,
never remember it and if a man helps you, never forget it.

Spiritual life and devotion to God are essential for preventing a feeling of frustration in life. In the realm of perfection, harmony, peace and freedom, is the abode of Brahman. Reach this abode through
purity, love, and meditation. Go to the source of life itself. You will know everything.

-- Swami Sivananda Saraswathy