I think the Bhagavad Gita is a boring crap

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I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend the feelings of anyone but I must say my opinion: I think there is a lot of hypocrisy regarding holy scriptures in general and the Bhagavad Gita in particular.

Weather in India - when to go on a spiritual trip?

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I am planning to go to India for a spiritual trip of a couple of months. I wonder when is the best timing during the year in terms of weather conditions.

"I AM" - Concept - Beware!

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Ramakant Maharaj’s spontaneous response to questions on "I Am", yesterday.

Q. What exactly is ‘I am’ in simple words, and what is it not?

Face the shit!

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Face the shit, don't run away from the decay, from the rotten, from death, from the basic decomposing nature of your physical body, of your psyche, and of any other living organism.

Thoughts that spoil the magic

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Followed thoughts that spoil the magic

Followed thoughts that chase out the dizziness of love

Followed thoughts and the followed said:

What should we do today

because of yesterday

Before you embark on the spiritual path...

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Before you embark on the spiritual path you must investigate thoroughly why the skeptical secular approach depresses you so much.

Why lying is spiritually harmful?

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Most religious and spiritual figures advise very strongly not to lie.

Lighting a virtual incense for cleansing energy - come and join

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Dear brothers and sisters,

"I Am" - the trickiest notion of all

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"I Am" - the trickiest notion of all.

So natural to the one who has traced it and so confusing to the one who hasn't yet.

So soft, so subtle that any effort is destined to block access to it.

One "I", many "I"s, no "I"

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Your preconceptions determine what you see.

In other words, you see only what you are programmed to look for and to look through.