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Imagine an ocean.
Imagine your mind pervades the ocean..Is at one with the ocean.
Your mind focuses it's attention at a single point in the depths of it's waters.
The water molecules at that point crystallize together.
A form appears.
Now release that thought.
The water molecules de-crystallize.
The form dissolves.
What has been conceived still remains with the mind of the ocean.
What has been conceived pervades the mind that pervades the ocean.

As we dissolve we still exist in the Mind of the Ocean..How would we be forgotten?

Is there truth in this?

Is there a Heart to this Ocean?

I think we ARE the Heart of this Ocean.

What is there to Love if there is nothing conceived?

Thank you to those who have written on formlessness as it has given me this to realize and to ponder.

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A fluid nothing with the "Still One"?

Jai K Garg | Tue, 09/15/2009 - 05:39