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I am a former member of Swami Sai Premananda's group (a.k.a. Vinod Seeparsad, Adi Narayanji). I spent years in his group listening to his stories and accounts until realizing one day that there were numerous inconsistencies that could not be explained. I will try and list a few of these in this, my first, blog entry. A picture of the man is attached so that you can identify him if you ever see him. His pictures have become somewhat extinct on the web since he violently chased an elderly lady out of his "ashram". I found this picture floating around somewhere.

The first and possibly the largest inconsistency (or quite possibly a lie) that he told the group was that he had spent years in Sai Baba's close circle at Puttaparthi. He told us at the time the group was beginning to form that Sai Baba personally asked him to come to Canada and perform satsangs in his name, but i have come to know now that he is barred from even entering Sai Baba's compound because he has been labeled as a Sai Baba copycat and is on their copycat watch.

Interestingly, Vinod visited with swami Nityananda (the swami with the sex scandal caught on tape last year which was all over the news and internet) while in India several years ago and told his group members that Nityananda was one of the few real swami's on earth at the present time (aside from himself of-course) and that they had been friends for many incarnations. During the meeting numerous photographs were taken of the two by Vinod's personal photographer, which were later posted on Vinod's website (swamisaipremananda.org). There seems to be no trace of these pictures or this website now.

In the early years of the group's formative years Vinod had also posted several photos on his website called 'miracle photos' (or something to that effect) which he explained could only be captured by a camera because the camera was unbiased, unlike human eyes who would not believe a miracle if they saw it. A friend of mine had these "miracle" photographs analyzed by a professional photographer who unwaveringly declared the photographs had been Photoshopped to include these so called 'miracles' after the fact.

Swami Sai Premananda (Vinod) preaches to "Practice Love till you realize that you are love" (we have seen this quote floating around this site and others), but a number of people saw him angrily chase a disciple's mother out of his so called "ashram". The reasoning being that was that the woman was suspected of calling advertisers and asking them to stop advertising in Vinod's spiritual newspaper (Tat Tvam Asi - translated to mean 'Thou Art That'). It was shortly after this incident that his web content began to slowly disappear and the sites that did not remove it willingly were threatened with committing copyright violations.

The vast majority of the articles and illustrations in this so-called spiritual newspaper were copied from the websites and books of other guru's and spiritual masters. As the newspaper began getting published more often, the spiritual articles began to decrease in number and length and the advertisements began to increase. The name of this paper filled with copied articles seems ironically fitting for Swami Sai Premananda - thou art that.

In an effort to promote his association with Sai Baba, Vinod began the site "The Eternal Blossoms" (theeternalblossoms.org). As Sai Baba's organization became aware of his ploy, they warned Vinod against trying to affiliate himself with Sai Baba or his organization. This is why the site was immediately changed to a self-promoting website with quotes, a bio and pictures of himself in spiritual poses (which were taken during a photo shoot in a part and later Photoshopped) - there was even one photo shoot this man did in full make up to ensure the pictures came out nice.

After he realized that he could no longer publicly be affiliated with Sai Baba, he attach himself to another great guru. He began to tell people that he was the reincarnation of Swami Brahmananda - hence the reference in his profile on gurusfeet. The interesting thing is that he never mentioned this incarnation to anyone until he could no longer publicly associate himself with Sai Baba.

In order to increase his revenue stream, Vinod set up a monthly membership plan whereby the members of the group were to pay a minimum of $100 per month at the first of every month(he declared this minimum himself - I got this from an individual who was present at the time). This means that the comments left in the Pros section by members of his group are false, or alternatively they are too blind to see the swami for what he is.


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Former Member Swarmi Sai Premananda

I feel your pain, but this Guru did help you to realize he was not your Guru.
One can be left with a feeling of utter betrayal, because it takes from the depth of the soul
Take away the good lessons and utilize those, then you will have gained from the experience and hopefully not feel a sense of loss.
I think each person has to find their own truth, as you have found yours.
I wish you well on your journey.

Ganapati | Wed, 01/12/2011 - 06:12
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"but a number of people saw

"but a number of people saw him angrily chase a disciple's mother out of his so called "ashram"

I hope that disciple eventually stood up for his mother and left the organization. This is a really sad story.

disciple | Tue, 01/18/2011 - 04:00
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"but a number of people saw"

I wish for the mother that that was true, but the son was actually part of the mob that chased his mother out. In fact, he is the second in command in this organization and remains very much an active member.

Shantiness | Sun, 01/23/2011 - 15:05
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The Whole Truth

To all those who read this post, know that the accusations made by Shantiness and others against Swami Sai Premananda are false. Swami Sai Premanada is 100% innocent and has been unjustly persecuted and blamed by my family for my actions. This entire situation is my fault - my mother is deeply angry at me for marrying the person I love and making my own life decisions, which went against her wishes. Anybody who claims otherwise is lying.

The truth? For a little over two years, my mother and brother have spread lies to the community about Swami Sai Premananda and the meditation group in which my wife, Neena, and I met. Swami Sai Premananda was never a part of this story. My family have harassed, stalked and threatened him and torn his life to pieces by spreading gossip and lies. My mother’s attachment and desire to control my life are the reasons behind this attack on Swami Sai Premananda, and this situation is continuing to perpetuate due to my inability to resolve the conflict with my family.

Swami Sai Premananda has nothing do with the conflict between my family, and myself. I do not have any contact with Swami Sai Premananda for the simple reason that my family and I have brought so much suffering into his life.

During the time that I was with Swamiji, he brought nothing but peace and light into my life. I wish him the best always, and these attacks against him need to stop. I am writing this response because Swamiji has been suffering the consequences of my family’s actions due to their conflict with me. This has gone on for too long.

I have posted the events that led to the unwarranted attacks against Swami Sai Premananda, in their entirety, and I encourage anyone who comes to Shantiness’s page to read the truth of the matter.

Shantiness, whoever you are, stop these actions against Swami Sai Premananda when he is not to blame, the fault is my own. Contact me directly so that we can end the rift that is between us. Nobody else needs to be involved, and nobody else is responsible. My phone number is 416.993.6251 and my email address is rahulasethi@gmail.com.

Rahul Sethi.

Rahul-Sethi | Sun, 02/13/2011 - 02:37
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whole truth?

To me as a bystander, it looks like the farest thing from the truth, let alone the whole truth. What about the actions made by this swami against Gurusfeet? (see the guru profile) and against Google? and all other cases? (search on the net). Have your family members did also all these legal actions in the name of this swami? have they masquaraded as your swami and been the gurus of so many different that now report on the net?

Come on! You can give an explenation for each individual case but the whole picture doesn't seem innocent.

I suspect that the whole truth is that your swami sent you to try to clear somehow his name.

doo | Sun, 02/13/2011 - 10:25