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Regarding Sukrutham quality:

The quality of Sukrutham is discussed. It gives birth to a very full sized body with organs complete. It is a Sukrutham work. One who is born with Sukrutam quality cannot have troubles for want of money. It means to that birth there is a basic financial stability. One born under Sukrutam impact gives no weight for good or bad. His tendency is to take everything in good like. Generally it works slowly. Under its influence the attempt to birth will be made only once but not in 7 times or 7 attempts. Unless there is certainty, it would not act. It will wait for any amount of time till it is sure of the result. It remains before birth for 65 days only on father’s figure before getting itself deposited in the mother’s womb. Life taking birth in Sukrutham works is always caused by the throw of it from the opposite house. In the chart of a baby’s horoscope Eleventh house is to be taken to know about the life deposit waiting period or the Sukrutham. The mother LAGNA is the first house of deposited time. Deposited time here means the time when the seed is deposit in womb of mother, on its transit from father figure. The influence of a star, in the birth process of a body can be known by the star pressure on the Lagna quill. In Lagna Rasi of 30 degrees first, 10th and 20th in the Rasi of 30 degrees duration receive the pressure from the star and not in other degrees. In every 10° unit, 10, 1, 9 and 8 degrees are good the last being followed by 1,9, and 8. the same process applicable to any human being birth in Ganitham and in Nivartham.


For a human birth under the existing planetary system degrees minutes and seconds in the Zodiac or in a house. In Zodiac the planetary system acts as QUILLS. A quill means something like conical formation with only mouth open. Any stability can enter into it and can come back but no stability can bore the quill. From quill in which human memorandums are arranged and in which models of human forms and figures are readily available are marked in degrees or parts of degrees in any given chart.

Every stability after discarding the physical takes an etheric form and then astral form after etheric dissolution and then stability with astral goes up to a quill taking a new figure forming type with new memorandum to continue its journey in the evolution, thereby causing a continuity in accumulating experience.

The astral figure acts as negative or like a micro film negative to be studied by the quill. When a quill is to a give a new planned program for the stability to take a next birth, pithru devathas do assist in this creative work in figure formations in a quality and quantity, making a coordination of individualized karmas and evolutionary process.

These quill formations are in the zodiac belt and the zodiac belt represents activity in a nirvana levels bottom and this occurs in every square of the 100 squares in that field. All the 100 squares are in 100 circles creating a level of its own and each square is called a VIRAT, and is commonly called as VIRAT PURUSHA. The good dome or the top point administering this work in the square is known as creator, Every man takes birth, after birth till all births are exhausted.

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