The Formation of Birth Beyond Science - 3

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cont from part 2...

(1) Atmavath Principle (2) Budhic Principle (3) Manasa Putras Principle (Dhyanis) are worked out. First principle (a) Atmavath – Ex. Christ fig. focusing 300 life principles in one life. (b) 100 to 200 principles were focused in a single life starting with Budha, (c) Manasic Putras (dhyanis) single life in Arupa Bhavam with 100 life pressure – principles.


Note the 1+1 divisions of the figure formation given
1) Atmavath figures,
2) Budhi,
3)Mansa Dhyanis,
4) After this ahankara type comes having a little in touch in life principles and in figure principles,
5) This above type is called Agniswatha pithris,
6) After this
a) Gnana Mownies,
b) Guna Gupthas,
7) In all from Christ 7 types are formed
8)Barishat pithries are called Body Guards. i.e. 8th principle governed by Body Guards(Barishad Pithiris) (a) Atmavath Fig.
(b) Budhi (3)
Manasa Dhyanis,
(c) After this ahamkara, type comes having a little in touch in life principle and in fig. principles,
(d) this above type is called Agnishwatha Pithiris,
(e) After this Gnana Mouni,
(f) Guna Gupthas. When a memorandum of 360 degrees is completed or when a Jeeva completes a full cycle of births this present work of creations comes to a stop i.e. say it reaches the most dwindling point.

The new working process in fig. formation will take place by a Man figure standing a star at a height of 1000 miles from the level of the world be father of man – figure. Then 1000 inhaling or breathing principles will be worked out from the point of meridian for a period of 60 days. The day can be measured as an unit of one day and night. Fig. there is 7 kinds of planetary ring formation around man of oval structure. One house of 7 types i.e. 360x7=2520 calculate 360 births per house in all 12 houses, 20x1252=30,240.

1000 miles, 1, 2, 3 types 300 lifes Dwindling star focused Guna Gupatas – Body guards. 1) Moon Tyre, 2) Angaraka, 3) Jupiter, 4) Saturn, 5)Sukra, 6)Budha, 7)Sun – 4, 5, 6, 7 Guna Mounies.

Mark the distance of 1000 miles, 10 divisions of 100 pressure circle after circle, markings are made
(1) first circle in skull portion or formation and in rotation, the sun tyre in Man figure is formed
(2) from the 5th tyre the deposit in the mother’s womb is indicated. This 5th tyre which indicates deposit in mother receives the breathing pressure of the mother and cause breathing faculty after birth. Normally the grades are fixed in the 1000 miles distance 10 divisions of 100 miles in one grade. 1000 in hundred divisions per mile is another grade. So a period of thirty days is required to work out one division i.e. first division. The second two work for another 30 days. If you add 15 days more dividing the 15 a unit of 10 unit of 5. In all 75 days.

The deposit in a mother’s womb from the father cannot take place before 70 days from the inception, inception being gaseous fig. formation on the top of man i.e. father. The last 5 days the possibility is more for the womb to be filled in. In case a womb is not ready to receive the deposit, it can wait for a period of another 30 days and the birth of human fig. would not take place after that. The gaseous fig. evaporates converts itself into star form.

Again after a wait of 2 months, the process repeats in one man fig. for the repetition of the work, the repetition of work is done 7 times and then only the figures selects a new father.

You may wonder about the readiness of a fig. formation accumulated on the top of a father fig. to be deposited in a woman’s (mother’s) womb. How could you know that a deposit is ready in a father fig. or whether it passed into the womb or not? There are some symbols to find out. The places in man form which will give thrilling sensation while the deposit is in evaporation by breath out. Foot, palms, top skull, inside the eye, inside the nostril, a dragging from the penis to a navel, a sort of thrilling sensation and a raising jurk inside the body will cause.

Now a discussion regarding Spirit information is necessary. This spirit is in Atomic form. There are in all 14 types of spirit or spirits forms.

Before we discuss the spirit, let us know the pedigree of Jeeva (various forms before birth)
(1) Eccult,
(2) Occult,
(3) Gaseous,
(4) Air- Air spirit,
(5) Bindu,
(6) Anu,
(7) Paramanu,
(8) Jeeva with Atma, Budhi and Manas.

(1) Shain spirit, (2) Sanka spirit, (3) Consolation spirit, (4) Swan state spirit, (5) Hiddens, (6) Occult, (7) Ecult, (8) Washing Buttle, (9) Saw doll spirit, (10) Swan Pus spirit. Swan Pus spirit is divisible into 11, 12, 13 Tadi, Thvathi and Gathi.

Now you know about gaseous state of spirit. The gaseous spirit is represented by 12th house in horoscope.
The work of 12th house is called SUKRUTHAM.
Work of first house is called GANITHAM.
The work of 2nd house is called NIVARTHAM.
14th being Laddus beginning of Sanka Spriit in Briktha form.
Briktham being the sixth stage from Pravesa.
Pravesa, Vyapaka, Gathi, Karana, Arogya, the briktha and then Taraka.
Taraka is nothing but star formation i.e. spirit in star form.

to be cont...