The Formation Of Birth Beyond Science - 2

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Cont.. from part 1......

Every life is moulded by all the 12 houses of zodiac and by all the 7 planets in vogue. Past, present and future work combined in one is called Dhatukala. Any life is projection of the past, and a focusing point of the future. If the first house called Lagna is the cause of birth of one person, the 12th house from the same represents the past birth and the next house from Lagna represents the future birth.

The principle here in moulding of a person is done by the brought over of all past births and on the completion of present birth. This accumulated experience including the present birth will act as brought over to the next birth and then the process goes on. In other words, the past moulds present and present moulds the future.

The baby grows in the womb swelling with activity from the deposit state and comes out of the womb fully moulded to take an independent existence with a fixed span of life. The life enters the degree of birth from the opposition degree that is from the house opposite to birth Rasi.

If Mesha is the birth house i.e. Lagna life enters into it from Tula, 7th house. If 15th degree of Mesha is the birth Lagna, the life is focused from the 15th degree of Tula and Likewise. So we have to take 7th house of deposit as real lagna.

Take Mother CV (Vencamma's) Horoscope -
She was born in Kanya. Therefore, the life principle or activity is thrown into Kanya from Meena. Calculation from birth Lagna to the last degree of Meena gives you the number of births to be taken from now on the basis of 360° giving birth to 360 lives per every house, i.e. to say 360 births per every house and when 60° out of 360° is taken out as breathing principles, we get a calculation of 300 births per house 300 X 12 = 3600, 360 X 12 = 4320.

In the 360 degrees 60 births or birth principles – a division is to be made for mental, astral and physical, hundred to each 60 remaining as breathing principles. Out of the 64 breathing principles, there is only place for 60 and four principles are left out. Now if you multiply that 4 with the 2 representing Mental, Astral and physical you have 12. This is the principle behind 12 houses formation. Now you have to reckon 7 principles represented by 7 planets acting in 12 houses creating boring numbers. In short, breathing principles cause boring principles.

Apart from these 12 houses, there is a house above Meena house which works as a store house of Man figures of Past, present and future. This house is having an activity like a Comet Tyre i.e. with an activity which prevents any blazing to a outside. You will come to know about house formation at the back of all 12 houses which have prepared manufactured Man figures.

If ten births is a unit, you can calculate five as Male births and five as female births. The seven planets from 7 sorts of figures, Each working in all the 12 houses. For a complete Man figure information, one of these 7 planets starts the work, and the rest six help the first. In figure formation- For every house there is first house and then like that in all the 12 houses.

In the first house, formations of a cover to the figure to the bony structure without creating any organs but only forming a conscience. The joint work of 7 planets started with Aryan Race 100 years as span of life with six SATHS in one ray. You have to take six saths as six co-workers, when the ray is the main principle i.e. to stay in every fig. formation, no doubt all 7 planets work, but only one principle leads other six follows. You should also note on completion of the work of one house, the leading is given to the next house. If creating starred or man figure formation stared in the first degree of Mesha or Aris, you have to calculate 360 births for each Rasi.

Before the creation of the first Aryan type, man figure formations were caused by AGNI SWATHA PETHIRIS (Agni as pithru devatha). Before the birth of Christ, 720 figure formations were over in evolution i.e. to say Mesha and Vrishaba productions were over i.e. Midhuna Man figure production started with Christ.

In short, aryas gave 7 covers formation in each birth and Christ the work of 360 life principle in each figure. We have to understand that the experiment done in Christ is, to work out the experience of 360 births in a single life of birth. Because of this new work, the 100 years life span principle has become less operative.

If you divide the life principle, you have 3 type of life principles, Atma, Budhi and Manas. Life is in Arupa Bhavam, 360 births were worked out in this way – 100 to Atma; 100 to Budhi; 100 – Manas, 60 remaining acting as breathing principles, Arupa and Rupa are divisons in the mental. If 3 types workout 60 breathings, the total comes to 3x60=180. If 100 life principles work in Rupa level, 8 goes to work in Arupa level. On the basis of this division, if you calculate 300x3=900 and if you add 100 it comes to 1,000 and 80 principles – Arupa going to the inner way.

This distribution of life principle in Atmic, Budhic and Manasic levels, in Rupam and Arupam was not caused by Agnishwata Pithiris. This method become workable from the time of Christ. Capacity to give 7 covers from physical to mental- started with the Aryas, who were descendants of Manasa Dhyanis. In one way, Astral, spirit speed and merchery in the Aryan type was caused by Agnishwatha Pithiris, barishath Pitharis – gave to human fig. Rupam, Bhavam and Gnanam. These 3 principles were first worked out in the gaseous fig. formation of man. Therefore, the gaseous state in the first house has the capacity in physical figure formation, be it past, present or future. In one word, the physical building up process in the past or present or in the future can be seen and can be known, if a gaseous state of man figure formation is observed. In a nut-shell all physical figure constructions are traceable to gaseous state.