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Hi Friends,

(This matter was collected from Master’s Vol. I, with the explanation of Sri D. Narayana Rao)

This matter in the article is of beyond science. Master CVV had given various notes regarding evolution, cosmos, life, after death etc. Its little tough to understand the notes. I think, the coming generations will clarify clearly about Master CVV's notes. Those who are in higher spiritual levels may understand this notes. Master CVV is the one who explained spirituality with scientific evidence. His work is beyond imagination. I think in the first read its tough to understand, but in various reads you will definitely understand it.

This article deals how the birth takes. Enjoy .....

First of all we shall know about, birth of soul, from where it comes and how and what happens to it after death.

There is vast space known as Cosmos and for all practical purposes it is borderless limitless and endless.

Scientists now say that all this universe otherwise called cosmos, is the ever expanding and the speed of expansion is at a tremendous rate. There are many stars, constellations in this space moving at a tremendous speed may be towards the borders thereby creating magnetic forces in between them and around them.

Till recently, the conception was that there is nothing in between a star and a star. But of late the scientific observation is that very dense matter exists there creating great magnetic force. What we take as empty space is not empty at all. They are thought to be empty because of not illumination of the same. Many of the stars that are shining making us believe that they are substitutional and are merely products of gasses thus resulting in emptiness within them.

The stars or constellations are of many grades. Some are of first magnitude, some of second magnitude and many of 3rd magnitude. Our sun is a second graded star with a peculiar system around it. The entire solar system is a part of galaxy and with tremendous speed or motion it is going on. Neither have we known the starting point of it in motion, nor the ending point of it in space.

All the planets around the sun including earth are moving along with the Sun without any disturbance either in their speed or in their orbits. The motion of the solar system is an inferential scientific fact, not visible to the human eye. In this planetary system, many of the planets are having fixed orbits around the Sun. The latest planet Pluto too is having an orbit, but the orbit seems to be fluctuating.

Moon rotates around the Sun. Earth significantly has two movements. It rotates around itself, and also it rotates around the Sun. This double movement is a notable feature of the earth. In its motion around the Sun as a globe all sides of the earth are exposed to Sun, always resulting in day and night. As per the self rotation of the earth, the North & South poles of the earth are not equally exposed to Sun due to the inclination of the Earth. The earth rotation is in oval track. Now to draw a picture to the zodiac belt and solar system, we have to take the whole system as stable-one, since we can not picturise the same in motion.
(Friends, it is said due to the inclination of earth, the human heart is towards left in the body. Master say's when the inclination will be cleared, the human heart also moves to the centre in the human body.)

Assuming Sun as a center and the distances of planets from Sun are taken and the situation of planets and their directions in degrees is based on the Helio – centric conception. Likewise taking earth as the center nothing other planetary positions from earth and away from earth constitutes gen-centric observation. We have to take earth as a center without motion in order to have a conception of the zodiac stars and planes in that order. The zodiac is mainly occupied by 27 constellations and we can see them in the Milky Way. Calculations are to be done assuming a fixed point.

Longitudes and latitudes are marked on earth- it is really frictional. In the same way, twelve houses are marked in the zodiac and they are called Rasis or houses. Everyone knows that these meanings are imaginary. But without such an arrangement an understanding of the system is impossibility. It takes 24 hours for the earth to make a full round in its self rotation movement. It takes 360 days to 365 or 366 days for the earth to make a completed round, around Sun depending upon the North and South Hemispheres. The zodiac houses formations increase and decrease because the time duration vary and longitudinal and latitudinal positions of planets do vary. It is for man’s convenience that this system is arranged.

Unless we assume and presume certain non existing things, we cannot have the concept of space and time. The existence of space and time are in a way presumption. But in spite of their being unreal, they are useful for the man in his attempt to understand the cosmos.

Dhatukala is a combination of
(1) Kamyam,
(2) Kalam,
(3) Janyam.
Lagnam is generally known as the time of birth fixing the degree in space or so. Space is the space in zodiac normally consisting of 12 rasis dividing 27 constellations. The time is also reckoned from Sun raise at a given point. Normally we take a house out of the 12 houses as Janma Lagna.

To every man, there is a span of life starting from birth; one comes into existence before birth and during that one year period that one is in the womb of mother. The baby has a growth for nearly 9 to 10 months in the womb and rest of the 2 months and odd period, the baby’s prior existence can be traced to the father of the baby and during that period accumulation of matter in the body of father known as sperm. The cause of life or the body formation is first cause. It can be taken as ‘BEEZAM’ or ‘SEED’.

to be cont....

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master's yoga


wonderful information has given to people ,really it is a scientific yoga ,very difficult to understand the subject
but confidence & believeness will give strength to know beauties in birth cycle.

k.s.vijayagopal | Fri, 06/11/2010 - 17:27