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Can holding on to past misunderstandings free you from pain? You can never be free until you have learnt to forgive any misunderstanding. And once you have forgiven you must never remember both the pain that you suffered and the forgiveness that you already gave.

Pain is piercing the heart with the arrows of confusion that constantly emerge from a desireful mind.

Remember always whenever you are hurt within that you have two options…either you impulsively take the pain and transfer its needles to another’s heart and suffer while watching the suffering of another…or …you make the pain numb by injecting into your fear the potent nectar of truth.

Yes! Truth is distasteful at the time you suffer pain…but tell me how tasteful is pain and hurt to keep one’s self coated in!

You can keep the pain within…if you can wish to. You can linger in it for days…if you wish to. It is you that has wished the misery to last. Yes! It is all under your control. Do not blame another when you have made a prick of a pin to become a cannon. You can end it immediately by taking out the pin and throwing it where no one else can step on it and hurt themselves.

We often wonder that if we have borne pain why should we let the other that inflicted the pain go free. Let go! You have to. Don’t you understand that to transmit the pain you alone have to carry it? Let go!

A child that was playing treaded on a thorn. He cried as he experienced the pain and called for his mother. His mother ran and seeing her child carried him and immediately took out the thorn. The child upon being free of the pain told his mother, “Mommy do not go there…there are thorns there!”

Even when a child bears pain as he is free of the pain he warns his loved ones of its dangers and wishes to protect them from it. That is innocence…that is love….that is forgiveness.

We often bear a pain…remember it…drag our loved ones in it…and bring misery. That is selfishness…that is resentment…that is not forgiveness!

Be forgiving of pain. Be free of resentments. Be immersed in peace. Be simple and forget the prick. Be brave to remember the truth…be humble to remember your own mistakes…and remember God and His merciful ways!

The lamp of forgiveness has to be lit. You must move on from darkness into light. You have to leave the bitterness of all resentments behind. You have to enter the land where forgiveness reigns over all ignorance.

(From 'Inspiring Thoughts'
By Seema M. Dewan)