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A foolish mans friends once made him drink a lot of liquor,and after he was completely intoxicated they began crying and said to him,"we pity your sad state."we visited your house where we saw that your wife has become a widow"

As soon as he heard this,the drunken man started crying,and when some on lookers asked him the cause of his grief,he replied that his wife had become a widow"

A mountain of misery has come down crushing me" The onlookers then knocked some sense into him saying,"How can your wife decome a widow when you are alive?Are not these two things ,your being alive,and your wife becoming a widow .contradictory?

The drunken man persisted however, saying "No, you people do not understand anything. My friends have only just visited my house,and they have seen with their very own eyes that my wife has become a widow."

The above illustration is indicative of the state of every human being.

Without proper understanding,everyone is accustomed to looking at the world thru other peoples eyes

Let others say anything

My self is pure and changeless.it is the light of all lights.

IT will never perish.I am the embodiment of Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, and the witness of all

Try to experience your Self, Do not believe you are mortal

Cast off this self-created ignorance and abide with confidence in the Self

Turn within

Do not entertain any fears

Erase the belief that external objects are true

See only through the Self

Do not look thru the eyes of others

Whatever happens, let it happen. Let whatever has to go ,go. Erase all doubts

We have but a few days to live. Let us pass those days playfully with joy

Remain happy whatever the situation

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Like it

Like the story!!

bonya basu | Wed, 03/28/2012 - 10:21