Foods Part Two - Protein Complementarities

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Foods Part Two - Protein Complementarities

Many people should find the information given here by William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, very interesting.

Questioner: I have a question about protein complementarity. Nutritionists tell us that if you combine several incomplete proteins that you get a high-quality protein. It would seem that we would need to kill fewer animals if we obtained more of our protein through combining non-meat protein sources. What about that?

The Council: That is a temporary possibility or, how shall we put it, a temporary condition that one can bring themselves into, but over any period of time this is not acceptable. First of all, the full knowledge, nutritional knowledge is not available or mankind does not understand what happens to the nutritional value of the food as it is combined, and it is not just a matter of combining different foodstuffs or products, natural products, it is how they are cooked, what heat degree, what temperature, what manner. Are they boiled, steamed, fried, baked? All this changes, and since the protein is an essential building block of the physical body, to try to reconstruct the amino acids necessary for proper physical health and emotional health is a tremendous task that man has not yet evolved knowledge wise. Do you understand?

Questioner: I think so.

The Council: So, for a short period of time, if one wishes to take up a fad, then it would be acceptable, but it is not advisable for a length of time. The physical body itself, if one looks at the digestive system, the structure of the upper part of the physical body, in particular, the jaw structure, the type of teeth, it is quite evident even to a novice that that structure is such for meat-eating, but it is also a structure that is for nut-eating and of course fruits and vegetables.

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