Foods - Part One - Eating what We Consider Unusual Foods

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Questioner: We were discussing eating meat; we were talking about the animals that we normally consider food, which I would immediately think of beef and fowl and fish and so forth. What about some of these other cultures or fringe foods such as rattlesnake meat and snails and things like that? Are those kinds still beneficial to the body or is there something wrong with those types of meats?

The Council: It all involves the culture or the society. Many times the geographical area will require the need of eating, as you put it, unconventional foodstuffs, but are they truly unconventional? Isn't that more or less a subjective point of view?

Questioner: Yes, it is.

The Council: What of those who in the world today will eat such creatures that would be totally unacceptable to your diet? Such things as worms of a variety of types. Some of those things that may be inappropriate to you or to the diet of those in this country are a high form of protein. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Now, there are some animals that would be more appropriate, according to one's society or social structure and geological place of existence, but there is not an absolute no to eating something just because it might be considered ghastly or inappropriate or what have you.

There are certain states of existence where certain foods would be more appropriate than others but again this is moderated or tempered by one's geological position on the face of the earth and a variety of other things.

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