Food and Consciousness

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Gross Body, Vital Body and Mental Body can be traced to the three types of food that we ingest viz food and water, air that we breathe and the sense impressions (on which they depend). In fact as per Yoga scriptures subtle portion of food that we eat goes to make the mind and therefore the emphasis on purity of food.

IMO the three Gunas viz Tamas, Rajas and Sattva operate together and this can be seen in the process of digestion as well. We could take the gross food to be meant primarily for Gross Body and we are well aware with the process of digestion. This digestion of food (Tamas) is further aided by the air that we breathe and the body consciousness which make for the principal of rajas and sattva respectively.

Similarly the air that we breath (prana, Rajas) is helped in turn by digested food energy ( Tamas) and the sense impressions (mental awareness, sattva). This produces vital (Pranic) energy and emotions (lower vital).

The sense impressions (Sattva) too are aided by digested food energy (blood circulating in brain, Tamas) and Prana. Yet the digestion is not proper resulting in half knowledge or ignorance.

Therefore to complete the proper digestion of sense impressions and lower vital (air) we need to do contemplation or enquiry.

Beyond these is the substratum that supports all these activities without directly participating in it and being independent it is directly realised as ‘Self’ without the aid of sense impressions or mental awareness.