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According to Hindu scriptures Mind is made out of subtle portion of food that we eat. It would be proper to take food as all that we take in which means the air that we breathe and sense impressions as well. Whereas, Hindus went to great length about purity of food, the aspect of purity as regards air that we breathe and sense impressions was not emphasised, at least not in the general public domain. Any food that was touched by so called impure person was taken to be impure by Brahmins not so very long ago though this practise has died down now.

Could it not be then that if we want to purify something we must approach it with our own elevated vibrations and it is in this that there is a role of awareness in what we do. By being mindful we purify the things that we take in and it helps purify the Mind which is made of subtle part of food as said earlier. Relevant references are cited below:-

"Mind is surely made of food, vital force is made of water,and speech is made of fire"- -Chandogya Upanishad VI.6.5

"Of curd when it is churned, that which is its subtle part rises upward. That becomes clarified butter. In this very way, of food when it is eaten, that which is the subtle part, that rises upward, and that becomes mind" -Chandogya Upanishad, Vi.6.1 & 2

The prana (vital breath or vital energy) is, verily food; the body is the eater of food; for the vital force is lodged in the body. The body rests on the prana; the prana rests on the body. Thus food rests on food. -Taittiriya Upanishad, III.vii.1

Of all the restrictive rules, that relating to the taking of sattwic food in moderate quantities is best; by observing this rule, the sattwic quality of mind will increase, and that will be helpful to Self-inquiry.- Sri Ramana Maharshi