Floating Clouds, Strung On A String

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Echoes murmuring

Into the background

Even as these songs of silence sing

Empty chamber
Echoeless cliffs

The echoes of my own heart song
For which I thirsted

Gone silent

The mind drops into the heart

And the heart drops
Into the inky depths
Of a bottomless sea

But there's nowhere left for it to fall
Just the ocean heaving a sigh of relief

These words
Palms, gently swaying in the breeze

A song ends

And you find yourself walking away

Someday on a cloudy evening

Even as a light drizzle
Runs down in glimmering beads

And a mist wafts it's delicate breath
Upon your face

Eyes close and a smile alights on your lips

And your feet begin to sway
To an invisible drumbeat

It was you swaying in the breeze

Closer than your own heart beat

Your own love
Your own gaze
Your own kiss

The world recedes
And you with it

This dance you've been dancing with yourself
All along

Advancing now
Now receding

Waves lapping at the shore

Strangely I find myself
Back in the place I never left

Having wandered
All over the land

Maddened by the moonlight

Chasing my own songs
To the end of the earth

Mrig trishni


A musk deer
Following trails of it's own fragrance

Even as your own fragrance anointed your forehead

A song bird in the woods

No echoes ring

The chorus
A singular melody

Floating clouds
Strung on a string

There is no din

It's very quiet here

As the songs of silence