Fixate Your Attention on Consciousness Itself

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"One meditation method would be
to become completely enamored
with consciousness;
to let your attention be
completely fixated on itself.

Whether you experience
consciousness as being,
or as the witness,
you let your attention
rest fully in that.

Usually you are involved with thinking.
You are enamored with
your thoughts of desires, fears, judgments,
and distractions,
or you are involved with the thought that
you are a person
trying to become aware,
trying to become conscious.

Let all the thoughts be
but don't let your attention stray
from attention itself,
don't let attention
be enticed by thinking at all
but only enticed by consciousness itself.

Another way to do the same thing
is to not let your attention leave this moment.

If you become involved with thinking,
you are leaving this moment.
So find a way to remain here,
which is not a holding on
but rather a not-holding on,
a letting go of separating yourself
from this moment.

Regardless of whether this moment
feels good or not good,
just be here,
allow yourself to be here,
allow all feeling in this moment
without any pulling or pushing.

If it is too difficult because
the pull to thinking is strong,
use a technique like self inquiry
to get you started.

But ultimately
you just become fixated
on what is prior to thought,
on that which cannot be denied
nor defined.

It can be intense.
That feeling of awake-ness
will expand very quickly,
it will become very strong.

Awareness is so vast
it takes up everything.
It leaves no room for
any distraction, resistance
or sense of separate self.

It is all-encompassing.

Much love,


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