Five bodies of Expression

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I state the five bodies of expression as: ( written by Master chrism)

Psychological (ego)

Their "doctrine of signature" is evident from what they are i.e.emotional body is dealing with emotions etc. The ethereal body is like an astral body and even though it is indeed affected by the

Kundalini its expression is given from the Highself(ves).

Kundalini will magnify certain qualities in each of the bodys.

Typically those of an attachment frequency or fear issue or desire.

This can be from pain or lust or greed, love, joy, betrayal,
abandonment or healing, love and trust, honesty etc.

Desires and attachments of many different qualities. These will typically surface first as a blockage or conversely as a hyper-expressive as they are the issues in the person that need to be expressed or balanced first. In example: It can be very difficult for a Kundalini awakened person to be dishononest or deceitful.

The manner and selectivity of the expression is up to the
intelligent interaction of the Kundalini and the body it is
infusing. Kundalini knows where how and when to do a certain action. Whether it is of a corporeal or energetic nature. Whether it is from the person themselves or through another person. Kundalini will help the person maneuver themselves into an area where they can receive information that they require at that time.

In the west most of us live through our ego's. We buy, procreate,survive, work, learn, socialize and preach through our egos.

Kundalini knows this and provides gentle or harsh instruction on how and where to "feel" a certain location of information either with in or with out.

So most of the process is directed from the Kundalini source. This is why surrender is so very important. This is why the focus on discernment and trusting intuitive guidance. This is why dreams can be most beneficial as areas of communication.

Practice of the safeties allows one to become more attuned to these areas of interaction with the components of the awakening that can be felt first and in a most defined nature. From the shaking of the body to the movement at the top of the skull or extreme fear, or the hot and cold waves of temperature sensations, or the sensation of wearing a helmet or of the third eye and many others. These are all
aspects of an infusion of Kundalini into the physical body which goes straight into the emotional and mental and psychological and spiritual body's at the same time. The expressive qualities can be timed more sequentially due to the Kundalini parceling out a teaching.

So do your best to bring the safeties into a realtime practice. You will experience realtime results and more so with repeated and sincere articulation of the practices. - blessings - chrism