The First Step

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The first step in the Spiritual path is to realise that no matter what we do or whatever path or method that we follow, we only strengthen this center of egotistic activity.

When one has seen the danger of this then there is a possibility of doing something about the misapprehension or illusions that we have. The only way to get over the illusions and misapprehensions is inquiry or earnest questioning. I feel it would be appropriate to start with the questions that we are passionate about and they could range from ascertaining our motives, desires or about Love, God and Self.

Traditionally though some questions are termed fundamental questions and uncovering of which would lead to the dispelling of all darkness. One such question is the inquiry into "Who Am I".

Does the thinker really exist or it is a product of our conditioning. If we were to inquire deeply and observe we would realise that this division between the thinker & thought is the greatest myth. There is only thinking which we call the mind and beyond that is the ground which can never become the object of our thought. So the inquiry as to what this "Substratum" is could be yet another fundamental question.