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Once a Mother with his child went to one "GURU" and said ,
"GURUJI" this is my child and he use to eat suger very much please teach him a lesson that it is not good for helth,
"GURUJI" Replied, Please go and come after one month than i will teach him about this,

After one Month again Mother come to "GURUJI" with his child for his wrong habbit of eating suger,
Now after one month "GURUJI" replied, Come here my child,
please don't eat so much suger, it is bad for helth,

Again mother replied "GURUJI" if you want to say this much only, You can also taught him on the very first day when i visited you,
"GURUJI" replied i too was having this bad of eating too much suger so how can i teach him a lesson, now i have leaved this bad habit, Now i holds the right to teach him,


One should first have the Implement, Before teaching anbody else, THAN THE TEACHINGS MAY WORK.

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Very True

I agree with this and also the Guru should not be selfish and must have realized that the materialistic world is nothing. Else that person is called as Teacher, Jnani, Master..

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MoorthyPNN | Fri, 08/13/2010 - 10:19