Fire and Ice

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Some days we are all water other days all fire
how few ever notice the root source of change.

When in darkness when in danger where
there is difficulty stillness is the key
knowing when to act awaiting the proper
moment to move into action...

It is said "When the celestial becomes active
on the earthly plane, when celestial energy is
first restored, earthly energy is strong, and
one should not act at random; not losing one's
bearings, one should await the right time to get
out of danger."

"When the celestial is fallen into the earthly...
Darkness is obscurity, lack of clarity... when
the human mentality has already arisen, right
and wrong are mixed up, and and the human
mind does not obey the celestial but rather
overrules it. Therefore it is adulterated and
ignorantly attached to externals. However,
even though the celestial has fallen into the
earthly plane, still the celestial energy has not
yet disappeared; when mundanity becomes
manifest, one should stop danger according
to the time."

"Whether activating or stilling, if one does not
miss the right timing, one can actively get out of
danger and neutralize danger by stillness; then
the celestial energy will not be damaged by the
force of mundanity."

"In fire, one yin is stuck in between two yangs; outwardly
full while inwardly empty... the body is firm while the
function is flexible... In water, one yang is fallen in
between two yins; outwardly full while inwardly empty...
the body is flexible while the function is firm...
Irascibility in people is like fire... Greed in people is
like water...

"When Irascibility is subdued and the fire returns to the
origin, then the mind is empty and produces light, so the
original spirit is not obscured. When greed is quelled and
the water returns to the source, then the belly is full and
there is no danger, so the original vitality does not drain

"When the spirit is illumined and the vitality is purified,
as true water and true fire they balance each other; the
earthly and the celestial join, and primordial energy comes
forth from nothingness."

The Taoist I Ching

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Fire and Ice

Darkness that is aware of its darkness
is not dark ~ consumating the convergence
of yin firmness is used to balance flexibility
Innocence is auspicious as it unconsciously
follows the laws of God...

"On the path of withdrawing yin, the human mentality
activates the mind of Tao, negative energy receds and
positive energy becomes pure and complete. Then you
again see what you were originally like..."

The Taoist I Ching

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence

Toltec Logic | Wed, 08/18/2010 - 11:58
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gathering delight

Tranquility, disparity, haulting, obstruction...
Disintegration, liberation, perseverance,
inaccessibility, concealment of illumination...
Before the death of innocence there is no
personal history... Difficulty, darkness, danger,
stripping away, travail, damage to illumination...
Degeneration, great accumulation, gathering,
increase, truthfulness within... Thunder,
following, joy, observing, advance... Great power,
overseeing, the army, humility and delight...
Rising, mountain, gathering, earth, increase,
sameness with others. Resistance to change
may very well be futile, while direct access to
the eternity of being belongs to everyone.

~ Wake Up ~

Toltec Logic | Wed, 08/18/2010 - 12:08