The Finger Pointing at the Moon - Could it be Me?

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The image of the finger pointing at the moon is such a well known Zen image as to be almost cliché. The image is often used to differentiate the teacher from the teaching, or the "image" from the "substance".

The "person" we imagine ourselves to be is the true "finger" on which we fixate. This "person" seems to point to potential, rather than realizing itself as an expression of that potential. All "persons" arise from that potential, and are expressions of it.

While we must not mistake the "finger" for the moon, we must not discount the "finger" altogether. The "finger" is an expression of potential, and contained within it. The person, the Life, the illusion, or maya all function within Love; the creative potential. "Life", with all it's joys and sadness is an expression of the ever unfolding potential that is Love.

Just as we come to be aware that the "finger" is an "expression" of the "moon," we come to realize that "we", and that "other finger"; God, are "expressions" of Love, and find Oneness lost in it.