Finding out what is True and what was False all along..

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Hello everyone! :-)

I just wrote a long comment to a post about Nisargadatta's teaching & wanted to post it. I hope my words aren't too harsh, but I felt my truth should be shared..

I'm reading the long book of Nisargadatta, But even though sometimes I get some insights and clearance, I still don't find that ever lasting peace and love by reading, or trying to contemplate and Realize what he talks about.. But this is not because I did't understand it or "get it", actually it is just because I Already did get it before! But each time it goes away just like any spiritual or other moment..

I've learned from my own life experience, that there're Much better & higher truths out there, much more peace & well being then this one truth can give us, and much more Love can be found by Doing things for others than just contemplating and saying a mantra all day long.. This is like self hypnosis or trying to control our dreams, it might be fun but actually meaningless and hardly benefit our souls or the world. Over the years, I've learned not to trust even the words of the "world-known" teachers and even watch out More with their words and influence.

For the past few years I was interested with the Adwaita's teaching. Teachers like Poonjaji, Rama Tirtha (He's not known much but in my eyes he's one of the Best! You can find more in Google) and now Nisargadatta. Lately I saw Nisargadatta in YouTube & it was enough for me! It was suddenly so obvious to me how I mislead myself to belive something that was Not! How sometimes we read words and "hear" them in our own minds, in a loving and peaceful way.. so we are sure that what we feel Inside of us is really in that teacher himself, and that is a "proof" that is truth is the right one & truly leads to peace and happiness, especially when many others say so..

But when we actually meet or see the teacher we see the Truth.. When I saw him in that movie, he looked like an angry, not so loving & peaceful man at all.. Again this doesn't mean his words are without truth. But is Does show something, that maybe his truth isn't actually such a higher truth after all.. I can also write about myself I'm wise and liberated soul in a book, talk and act as if I am- but is it the Truth in my everyday life? I can be peaceful, loving & connected to God when I write, and my words can come right from God, my soul or my higher Self, but does it mean that this is the Only way to live life? "The Only Way" for Everyone? including myself? All the time? I don't think so.. If it was, then life would be so boring & pointless..

We can chase after illusional everlasting peace all of our lives, then suddenly notice we wanted and believed in a lie most of our lives! This was the REAL illusion! Not the world, not other people & Not life itself- as they lead us to believe! All of this talking about one self might be a myth! There's one God but our own self-awareness is not the "One and only" Self! since there are Many of us! and falling to believe this illusion might lead to madness or enlarged Ego which might endanger us and lure other poor souls as well...

We should be Engaged in Life! Including embracing our emotions, feelings & beliefs! Including our passions and wants! Including our own Humanity! and Uniqueness! In the last few years, I began noticing this.. how this teaching, belief system and "awareness" is actually blocking me from reality and other people, making me more detached and less loving.. or even more angry and judgmental on others & myself! Is this "truth" a Real truth or just escapism from life?

Maybe those "enlightened" teachers where actually just young souls who didn't have any depth and life experience to protect them from falling into that false truth that there's only one truth? Only unwise souls are those who think they know all and attract followers and act as if they know all and the others don't- "You're like me but you don't know it yet.."

Only inexperienced souls who have nothing inside of them, can easily fall back into the "Nothingness" they have just came from and talk about so much as being holy and best. They do not wish to take the risk and go into the journey, to the Center of the circle of life.. Only those who aren't responsible for no one or don't really care about anyone else & even hate themselves- allow themselves to just "disappear" to the world and make the whole world & other people to seem like just a figment of their imagination or mind.. They're more susceptible to their own ego which lures them to believe they're God himself & want followers to take care of their every need, as happens to many gurus.. They're not engaged in life since they chose to Escape it & they have their "enlightenment" to protect them and hide behind..

They might be just cowards- not real teachers, nor caring human beings who actually step Into the mud so they would Know how to rescue others from it when they'll manage to get out of it. But they will learn too one day.. This is for sure- for this is the meaning of life- to LOVE, and not just to realize something. We are not here to just realize & think about things and ponder constantly about our own selves all of our lives..

Maybe we should all take a good look at ourselves & what we led ourselves to believe all of these years, and try to see if maybe we were walking the wrong path all this time? Maybe the misery we felt wasn't from that "ego" or mind we tend to blame all the time & fight against, but just our own poor lonely soul who only wanted to love & be loved? Life is about Living it! With All its wonders & complications.. We CAN allow ourselves to Love & Enjoy life! Even attach ourselves to things & people! Others Do Exist! It's not just us or just the self! Instead of fighting life and ourselves all the time, it's time to let ourselves Go & Be Free! Content & Happy with who we Are! :-)

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Read my comments! :-)

Lots of Love!
Gil :-)

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I have also commented and hope you take it in the right spirit.

If I may ask you what if I measure you with the same yardstick that you apply. If all the world teachers are deluded then how could you escape it?

To be free from belief is one thing and to substitute one set for another is a different sauce. Why do you hold so many beliefs and have you put them to test?

Now the answer to your following question:
"Maybe the misery we felt wasn't from that "ego" or mind we tend to blame all the time and fight against, but just our own poor lonely soul who only wanted to love and be loved?"

The lonely-ness may be because of our isolation due to narcissistic tendencies of self-love.

joejo | Sun, 05/09/2010 - 16:52
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Hello again.. :-)

After answering you in not so living words before in the las post.. I'll try to do better this time.. :-)

Unfortunately to me or to you, you see me in a way that's just not who I am.. not the real me.. First you think I'm only about self love.. Secondly you hint that there's something bad about that! :-D Does God love himself? yes or no? Does Love love itself? Why are you so afraid to love yourself? and even your own beliefs and feelings of this moment? So I did pass judgement on the same people I loved just minutes ago.. But then I felt guilty (before even reading your words..) and corrected myself.. But then again I might feel criticism against them again in the future- so what?

Why's this desperate need to be "perfect"? Why this desperate need to be right and say the right words all the time? Where's the courage and creativity in that? Gos himself does not judge us! so why do you and me are so busy in judging one another and others for something they did or didn't do? Why do you begin (in the comment in the other post) by saying things about me that aren't true? How can you even think you know me? just by few words? Same with me, I shouldn't have judged those teachers based on some things I see as wrong or "not perfect".. But if we'll do that again- then even then we shouldn't judge even ourselves! For even if I'm right about those teachers- so what? What's wrong to find some flaws in their behavior? Who is the real God? The teachers and gurus or the One in them? It takes a lot of Humility to admit of your own lack of perfectness.. and True teachers do that.. they Do Not want you to worship them or see them as perfect and holy.. also they do not do that themselves.. and this unfortunately I didn't see in many gurus yet.. If you'll ask me who I see as the perfect teacher? I'll say Nature.. and Children.. and people with retardation.. old people.. Real Humans! They have True wisdom.. out of life experience.. and true connection with the joy and humbleness in them.. a Truth you can NEVER find with endless meditations, mantras, books and words of any "wise" men..

I felt like writing what I did because this is how I Felt! and This way I've learned.. I couldn't do that if I would only write the perfect words right? I Chose to express myself even though the "judgment" of others would came.. Since this is the way I had to learn.. and to make myself more humble or stronger in my own view and opinions without the need to protect or defend myself or to prostrate in front of you or your dry words out of pre-made bookish knowledge.. I rather be human! be Myself! With the anger and feeling hurt and wanting to tell things as I see them.. I'm sorry for offending you by any way but.. I AM who I AM! and this is enough for me!

I do not need you or even myself to love me.. I have god to love me as who I really am..

Lots of Love and thanks for allowing me to express myself.
And to prove to myself I'm stronger than I thought.. :-)

Gil :-)

LoveBeing | Mon, 05/10/2010 - 21:27
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>I felt my truth should be

>I felt my truth should be shared.
I have no comment over your post.I don't condemn you also.
You must find the TRUTH by yourself.Love is the universal TRUTH,but not with the senses.If you want to know more about it.I can suggest you few books.
1:Autobiography of a yogi.
2:Divine Romance.
3:Journey to Self Realisation.
by Sri Sri Pramahansa Yogananda.
These books mooved me....
With love....

bonya basu | Mon, 05/10/2010 - 08:41
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Thank you very much dear friend.. :-)

I read Autobiography of a yogi and it was wonderful indeed.. but lately I've found out that I had enough with this search for "Absolute Truth" for now I found out that there is one.. One truth is like death.. it is nothing.. The light is made out of a rainbow of colors.. we are all Unique! One of a kind! Why should we look for the "one and only" truth? Why should we try to escape and erase ourselves from existence for this "One Being"? How come no one here sees that this attempt to flee life and ourselves is actually the want to die and go home already?

We are tired of life, of pain and misery.. so we actually look for a way to escape it all.. then we read about those teachers who "made it".. so they say.. but then again we read their words and repeat them to others.. and try to convince ourselves and everybody else.. but then again.. Why do we do that? why did ever chose to think that others know more about us then our own selves?? We ARE wise enough! We Already know what's best for us! NO ONE should ever tell us he or she knows better than us what is the meaning of life! We ALL have our own unique and special way to live our lives.. special gifts, special desires and wants! Some are good for us and some are bad.. all are lessons- important ones! We should NEVER allow ourselves to forget our own individuality and strength just because of some gurus we heard about.. or some words in a book.. Sure some are very wise indeed.. sure.. some are pure and great.. but what about US? When did is start to be wrong to love ourselves? Those who say that we are selfish- are those who are selfish themselves.. Those who thing think that self- love is bad- hate themselves.. But Why? If we want to love God and love others- why can't we just love ourselves as well? :-)

I'm sorry for this long comment.. I'm actually writing it to the person who comment me above you.. :-P

I'm glad for you you are heading for your own dreams.. But I just want you to be aware and think about it over and over again.. WHY do you want to do this? What's wrong with the normal life? Why is it so bad to be just you? :-)

You are Good and unique and worthy of love and life already! Just as you ARE! So be proud and happy with yourself and who you become.. Just love yourself & the One.. :-)

Gil :-)

We Are God Enough! :-)

LoveBeing | Mon, 05/10/2010 - 21:36
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One more thing.. about God.. :-)

God made us exactly as we Are!

This is the flaw I find in all of these Adwaita books which actually say the same boring thing over and over again.. "You are the self.. you are the one.." bla bla.. BLA! This means, your humanity and uniqueness is nothing.. It implies that God made a mistake or that we made a mistake and just forgot everything and who we "really" are for all these incarnations.. BUT I Don't buy it anymore!

God Didn't make a mistake! We ARE perfect as we Already ARE! We didn't forget anything! We life Exactly as we are supposed to be living! Spirituality is not the only way to God.. "Realization" or "Enlightenment" ins Not the only way to God.. having a way to God Isn't the only way to God either! even people who even do not believe in God- can follow a way that leads to God! Even people who "just" Love- are Godly enough!

God WANTS us to be who we are! We was there Before- so we'll be there AFTER! If we'll all come back to what we Were- then where will be all the NEW? God WANTS and NEEDS us to be creative and funny and happy and creative! God WANTS us to be HAPPY as we ARE! Does a tree wishes to come back to being a seed? Does a baby wishes to come back to the womb? Who does that? Only those who are tired of life.. or fearful of life.. or just don't know any better.. The Butterfly doesn't wish to come back and be a caterpillar again! and so we shouldn't wish nor desire to be a void again! True- the void Was there before- but we are something new! Better and improved we are SOMETHING! We are NOT Nothing!

Doesn't it suddenly sounds logical now?

Having a unique and special personality is a step Up- not a step down! It is Better to have more! not less! We should just go back and let go of all the wisdom and experiences and all of our accomplishments we have made.. nor it is needed! God Loves US! We do not need to lose who we are to find God! We can find him even when we are "Just" ourselves! Love is the way- Love is the Key! All this talk about realization is in my eyes.. just escapism of the mind.. trying to make us forget and escape all emotions.. which are the real path and door to our inner most connection with our souls and God.. :-)

The way to See that the way of the mind is not the way of the heart- is by looking closely at ourselves when we think we are so pure and "aware" and enlightened.. if we suddenly think we are better than all.. or awake.. or more loving and peaceful than others.. and suddenly think we can change the world just ourselves.. then we know that it is the Mind that got the better of us.. Not God.. Love is the sign of Real wisdom.. Love by action and experience.. not by talk and thought alone.. Our actions in the world define us much more than what we think and feel about who we are.. This is just plain childish obsession.. We should Work in this world.. Humbly give of ourselves and what God gives us.. not become God for we are already are just like everyone else.. but just Act as the hands of God leads us.. Let God work through us.,. and not worrying or thinking all the time of who is the doer.. and who are we.. and what we are meant to be doing.. We'll just do it.. when we'll Want to be of service and Love! :-)

God WANTS me so say this and loudly as possible and even shout this to the stars and all human beings- especially those "too spiritual" ones.. as I myself have been and still guilty of.. :-) Because we "spiritual" people have made the earth and our human bodies to be evil or bad or mere illusions or dreams! Come on!! A Leonardo Da Vinchi's art is just a worthless imagination? The lives of a saint- a mere nothingness? Or a mother, a meaningless life? Only because she have't found "God" in herself? come on!

Finding God is Just a way! not The way! We should stop thinking we are better than others.. we are just the same as all.. spiritual, god connected, divine or not.. we are ALL devine and we are ALL God already! Knowing it or not- doesn't matter! This is Not the thing which makes some better or more realized than others.. It is our actions and motives and pure Hearts (not minds!) that is Really important and valuable in god eyes.. For I've been working with children and elderly people with Alzheimer's.. They do not know much nor remember much.. but it is their pure heart which reminds in the end! Now self knowledge even reminds there.. Only the pure heart stays warm in the dark..

Think about all of this..

And let me know one day,
if my words came back..

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to express myself better!

Gil :-)

We Are God Enough! :-)

LoveBeing | Mon, 05/10/2010 - 22:02
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Corrections of some words.. :-)

Since I'm writing so fast and eager to post my comments,
I made some mistakes to here they are after fixing them:

"We SHOULDN'T just go back and let go of all the wisdom and experiences and all of our accomplishments we have made.. nor it is needed!"

"They do not know much nor remember much.. but it is their pure heart which reminds in the end! The self knowledge DOES NOT even reminds there.. Only the pure heart stays warm in the dark.."

And more last thing I liked I'll post here again..

"The Butterfly doesn't wish to come back and be a caterpillar again! and so we shouldn't wish nor desire to be a void again! True- the void Was there before- but we are something NEW! Better and improved! We are SOMETHING! We are NOT Nothing!"

All right reserved to Gil Bar-On! :-)
Well, actually- All rights belongs to God who made me write it in the first place! Ha ha! :-D

Love & Good night to me for now!
Gil :-)

LoveBeing | Mon, 05/10/2010 - 22:20
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Interesting posts! Itis very

Interesting posts!
Itis very true that you must love yourself,then only you can love others.It is simple logic what you have, you share that only.LOVE is the universal truth'and with that only this Universe is created.Without knowing the quality of yourself you will not understand others.Every person is unique as created by GOD.You are lucky enough to see the world in this way but all are not so.For others they need to do some practices to clear their VISON.Everybody has been gifted with some GOD GIFTED creativity.That creativity has to discover.
Stick to your world wherever you are.....
God Bless You.....

bonya basu | Tue, 05/11/2010 - 06:36
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Thank you very much again! :-)

I'm glad to find your response..
Since I already begun to fear getting into this site.. :-D
People can be too judgmental- especially those "spiritual" people who think they know all! Including myself! ha ha! :-D
You'd think in here people will be more considerate and loving but it is not so.. it's like a "who's better, who's more pure, who's more wiser or enlightened" here.. But what can we do? Spiritual or not- this is NOT the thing which makes a person better.. Only caring and Loving does it! Only the Love in one's Heart truly matters to God! :-)

About what you wrote above..
You were wrong.. All of this didn't come easily or naturally to me.. I've been through A LOT in my life.. so much I can't just write it down here.. I also Did had to do A LOT of work on myself over the years, and I keep on doing it.. This is why I don't believe those who say they are above all or "found" the one and only truth and liberation, because for as long as we live in this world where misery, pain and suffering is the share of all- we cannot be totally happy and peaceful all the time.. and there's nothing wrong with that! This is the way life is! The sooner we'll understand that and accept that, we'll be freer and happier! We don't need to flee or run away from pain- we should embrace it and even learn and love it too! For thanks to it- we Grow! :-)

We also have this body and mind who are like little children to care for- instead of fighting or ignoring all the time or calling them illusions, ego or enemies.. for they Are Real! Just like animals and pets, they serve as so well- they deserve to be treated fairly! Our bodies do exist and they do have emotions and we should nurture them and care for them.. And Love them too! This is why I wrote you before that there's nothing wrong with the material world.. We can love it too since God is Everywhere! Here and There! Above And Below! :-)

Thank again for who you ARE!

Gil :-)

LoveBeing | Tue, 05/11/2010 - 17:12