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guyz let me ask something,what do u mean by a guru?what is the importance of a guru in a spritual path?how it helps us?

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Living Guru..

what do u mean by a guru?

In very short guru is ment by a teacher, ie Dance teacher, Painting teacher etc.. The person who help us to get libration(moksha)from this illusionery world with both the means, physically and subtly is called as living guru or satguru.

A true living guru has the ability to communicate with anybody through dreams or any other divine method etc.. , Thus such guru never teach a lesson to trust any living guru in this world until one may get any divine message through any divine method.

what is the importance of a guru in a spritual path?

Libration, Salvation or moksha is impossible without the help of a living guru. This is only the importance.

how it helps us?

Like a car which is creating problem to start up because of low battery, One is pushing the car from outside and the another one is pushing the accelerator pedal from inside, to get the car in a start position.

Similarly a living guru helps the student with both the means physically (outside) and subtly (inside), for advancement in spiritual regions.


jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 11:27