Fifth Way the Pole Star

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1. I call the path that I follow the Fifth Way or the Way of Pole Star. The chief feature of this path is to stick to the Rules & following the Truth while performing ones Duties in the world, unpleasant or discomforting though it may be at times, as a means of purification and finally arriving at Peace & Sanity the two traits which are so essential if we are to save humanity from its downward spiral.

2. I follow no particular tradition and therefore am at liberty to make use of any or all the valid ways of the past while not being bound by their letter. The spirit of the true old ways helps in conducting an impartial review of one’s life as is being lived in the present incarnation with a view of sifting the wheat from the chaff and establishing the Principals that govern our life and their relation to the Cosmos.

3. Having stated the general principal let me outline the body of the Fifth Way. The Heart of the way is in Observing oneself in daily life of relationships and enquiring into the Principal feature which is our Ego. Observation depends upon the observer and hence he is always the focus. One could engage in any practice which aids oneself in enquiry. Vocation & relationships are of utmost importance and must be chosen carefully or those that by default happen to conjoin in the journey are to be given priority, time & devotion keeping the Principals which are necessary for the smooth functioning of any society.

4. To sum up life in the world must be lived by sticking to the Rules & following the Truth while performing ones Duties in the world.