Feelings for the weekend

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If it rains, hales, snows, sunshines bright, sun shines hidden behind clouds. It's a great feeling to know it's Friday and my mind is free to focus on the weeks past and look forward to the weekend and to what that will bring the week ahead.

I hope evryone is able to feel warmth and deep sensations of self love. Sread love through friends and preach all the positives aspects of life to close friends. Show gratitute to those who help you. Shop keepers, bar tenders, waitresses etc.
Life may not seem simple. We may not have all the anwsers. But the one thing we can control is ourselves.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Peace, love and harmony to all

x x x x

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And to acknowledge the things we take for granted

This is so truly lovely! I would turn it into a weekend prayer :-)

I personally (and I'm sure many others) am in a great need also for a prayer for Monday, for the weekend's end. Can you write one as well from this very beautiful source?

shishmanidov35 | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 08:43