Feeling Your Way into Awareness in Meditation

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"Awareness cannot be known
by the intellectual part of the mind,

but the mind can and does
recognize awareness through feeling.

It may feel it as peace, as bliss, as love.
It may feel it as formless being,
energy, silence, the witness
or even as a sense of freedom.

And through feeling,,
the mind can recognize awareness
and very naturally, it will be drawn to awareness
for the feeling it gives.

It feels good, it feels right, it feels pure.
Your whole being is attracted to this goodness.

But the other aspect of awareness
cannot be recognized with the mind.

For this aspect of awareness to be realized,
the mind must surrender itself completely.
The mind gets sucked into awareness like a black hole.

It disappears completely into its essence
in order to realize its essence.

And what that essence is cannot be described.
One could say nothingness, pure consciousness,
but those words do not touch it.
It is why it is called 'neti neti' or 'not this, not this'
as it is beyond all comprehension.

But what is again recognized by the mind
is the exquisite peace and joy that comes
out of that nothingness
and then in turn is felt as all and everything.

Much love,


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