Feeling Consciousness: An Effective Form of Self Inquiry

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"It is often said
that the main cause of suffering
is identification with thinking.

But if you do not use thinking
to perceive this moment,
what is left?

If you close your eyes
and notice what is here
without using thought,
you are left with feeling.

Feeling not as emotion,
but as subtle sensation.

With your eyes closed
there is the undeniable feeling
that you exist;
the undeniable feeling-recognition
that awareness is,
that you are awareness itself.

It is through resting your attention on this feeling
that you begin to realize what you are.

You begin to feel yourself as awareness,
feel yourself as peace,
feel yourself as energy.

No thinking is needed
to realize what is truly here,
what you truly are.

And in that you begin to see
that the world born of thought
is what is overlaid on top
of what is here.

And even further,
the world of thought arises
out of this consciousness that you are.

From the perspective of thinking,
this experience of feeling-consciousness
may seem like a state that you
go in and out of,
because the mind is certain
it is indeed made of thoughts;
it is exists in definitions
of being a person with a name and form.

But through continuous immersing yourself
in feeling what you are beyond thinking,
or simply resting as awareness itself
as the witness,
the mind comes to realize that it indeed
is not of thought,
but is of emptiness itself.

The mind confesses and surrenders
to the self-evident realization
that it indeed is consciousness itself.

And that the idea of a person
is overlaid on top of consciousness.

The person does not enter into
a state of consciousness,
but rather there is only consciousness
and that consciousness
contracts into identifying with thought
and in that becomes a person.
(Yet never stops being consciousness)

Once you realize this,
then meditation mostly becomes about
surrendering this identification with thought
and resting in your natural,
essential state-less state of consciousness.

Much love,


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