Fear is a most wonderful way to waste your life

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R - Fear is a most wonderful way to waste your life.

Q - But fear is vital in order to survive.

R - This is an illusion. Actually, not only that fear doesn't help surviving, it may even jeopardize your survival.

Q - In what way?

R - it consumes valuable life energy; evidently, it overreacts; and, again evidently, it doesn't really lead to action. Isn't it so?

Q - It seems to be so. But can I just renounce fear by wish?

R - No, but by wish you can certainly become aware of fear. This will do the work.

Q - Should I focus on any special kinds of fear?

R - You can start with the fear of emptiness, emptiness of content for the mind, but not as an intellectual concept, seek to be aware in real time of this deep-rooted crude fear. Even a short glimpse of this fundamental fear will ultimately bring great benefit.

Q - Why only ultimately?

R - Because in short-term perspective, this awareness might seem as a curse. It deals with your most basic addiction, the root of all addictions, the addiction to any kind of excitement for the mind. And so, in the same way, it also deals with the root fear of running out of the excitement drug supply. Beginning to observe this fear might involve restlessness and anxiety, the same restlessness and anxiety a drug addict experiences when he/she is prevented access to the drug.