The Fear of Love

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We often hear about the play between Love and Fear. How one can't "see" the Love because it is "hidden" by fear. Or that True Love drives out all fear, and all the other clichés. But when "Love" itself becomes the object of fear; we have a big problem.

I would have to say that this applies to all types of love, even those deemed "inferior" in "proper" society. Romantic love, when it becomes devotion, can bring one out of oneself, and can work toward freedom. The thing to beware of is desire. Desire arises from the "me"; that next step from the "I" thought. Desire wants what the "I" wants. Not necessarily what the situation calls for. Pure Love knows the situation and the response.

But the word Love itself is often the reason for fear. We use words like "self" to describe our "personal" self; our personality, our "person-hood" if you will. And again; we move from the "personal" to the "universal" by referring to the "Self" as God, Awareness, Truth, or whatever lofty idea the mind contrives. Why not just call it Love?

We answer that "Love" is just another "word" for the "indescribable", that we all think differently about the "word", and that the "Self", "God", "The Absolute, must be "nirguna"; totally without attributes. But we all have a "passing acquaintance" with Love. To deny this, is almost as foolish as to deny the "I AM".

It is true that we all have a different mind "concept" of Love. And there are different concepts we tend to agree on like, romantic, love. familial love, and Agape, or Universal Love. But intuitively, we all know something of Love, or at least sadly, the lack of it. Love is the "is-ness", the being itself. It is what started you on this search, sustains you on this search, and leads you to itself. Call it what you like, but never deny it draws you, and that it's existence is more real than the hand at the end of each arm. We must not fear this draw, this Love.

Our attraction for another is too easy an example of love, and too easily misunderstood. Attraction can be desire, as well as simple regard, so needs some discernment. So the point would be lost. Let's use the beauty of a single tree in a forest. We regard the tree as a thing of beauty, created by God, for our use, our pleasure, and our atmosphere. We regard it with awe for it's beauty, with thankfulness for it's usefulness, and with love in it's "is-ness". This is God's "is-ness". This is the "is-ness" of the "Self".

If we now go about dismantling the "mind stuff", we find that first, all but the "I AM" remains of our illusory personal "self". We then, having discovered the "observer", see that the concept of "God" rests solely in the mind, and needs to be discarded along with the "personal self". Of course, along with "God" and the "personal self" goes the tree, and all images that appear to the mind. Does this result in an "empty" mind? A Spiritual Silence? A death to the tree? Not at all.

When the images of "Self" ,"God", "Awakening", even the image of the simple tree are removed, we "see" the movement; the unfolding of the whole. Love, as it "connects" and creates the "points of connection" instantly without time. We need not make Love a concept in the mind. We just have to let go of the mind long enough to let the real shine in on itself. The love we feel. The love we manifest, become "alive" in the light of this Love that we ARE.

Love God. Love the Manifestation. Celebrate your One-ness with them. See that only the Love is real. This is your "Self". Not a new "self", not a "super" you, but your original being as Love