the fathers of Hinduism

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the fathers of Hinduism, Seeker's Saga.

decades ago Seeker read about Advaita's “Monism.” He read about the origins of the Hindu word for life, Maya.

Seeker took reality to be so rock solid and certain that it made the concept of Maya, life, illusion, fiction appear utterly stupid. But something bothered Seeker about the apparent stupidity of the word Maya.

what bothered Seeker about this Hindu Maya and its karma: the Sages that collectively gave mankind the concept of Maya, and its Karma ... they were intellectually thousands of years ahead of the rest of mankind with the concept of Maya's Zero, None (not Monism but None-ism, Zero-ism )

but one word perplexed Seeker into utter confusion. This word was **Unanimous.
The word Unanimous separated these Sages from everything else the world has known.

It was not just one brilliant Hindu mind but many of the greatest minds the world would not see again for thousands of years – they collectively put their minds together to absolutely ALL agree UNAMINOUSLY: that reality was illusion, Maya, Zero or None's fiction ...

what was mind-boggling to Seeker about this word Unanimous: never ever in the history of mankind have experts ever again agreed UNAMIMOUSLY on anything.

The confusion reality created by making Maya appear unreal
stayed with Seeker for decades until
one day: Nothing Happened
-- because Nothing Changed --
to make reality appear so unreal
that it made Seekers mind vanish
into the same UNANIMOUS One
that is as close to Zero as any “One” can imagine.

-- O'no

( **Unanimous: when fiction, thoughts, can no longer separate minds so they must work-as/be One.)