Fate versus Chance

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Continuing with wiseacring one of my Thumbrules on matters of importance is that I understand the meaning in ways that are other than majority held beliefs. Take for example the words ‘Fate’ and ‘Chance’. Belief in Fate in popular understanding is belief in predestination. Chance or Randomness has no place in this theory. Very learned scholars argue that noting is random but merely appears so due to our inability to see.
I propose that what we get is all a matter of chance or due to interaction of very many forces beyond our control and hence Random. In Nature even when things are seen following a pattern no two things are identical and hence it would be safe to say that they are Random for all practical purpose.
Now what happens to us is a matter of “Chance” and what we make of it in our life is a matter of “Fate”.
Decisions when taken from our core (Heart + Consciousness) have a profound effect on the subsequent Course of our life and hence determine our “Destiny”. Thus a Man ceases to be subject to Chance and becomes the Architect of his Destiny.