The Fastest Path to Joy

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"Find a way
to love this moment.

Find a way
to become devotional
to this moment.

In all honesty,
this is the fastest
way to joy.

If you look to get something out
of this moment,
then there will always be separation.

There will always be you,
what you want
and what is in the way
of what you want.

And that is living in conflict.

Not that you should not have desires.
But that frame of mind
of "what can I get from this moment
by giving as little as possible"
is the suffering.

It is why fast food is so popular,
technological distractions are so popular.
Why there are so many people addicted
to alcohol, drugs etc.

That eternal suffering
of wanting instant gratification
regardless of the long term consequences
just creates more and more unhappiness.

So you can learn
to simply be in this moment
without trying to get anything out of it.

You can learn to witness
this moment.
You can learn to rest
in your essential nature
of just being.
These are very good.

You can also surrender
and allow this moment to be as it is;
this begins to open up your heart.

When you really allow this moment
to be as it is
and allow feeling, allow sensations
to be as they naturally are,

this opens you up.
It opens you up to deep peace
and it opens you up to love.

Then when you surrender,
you fully allow this moment to be
yet at the same time
you love this moment,
you honor this moment,
you respect this moment,
you internally bow to this moment.

Then you really find joy.

Then you are no longer stuck
in the trying to get something out
of this moment
and you are no longer fixed
on trying to transcend this moment.

The ego is completely
out of the picture.

This feeling of love and devotion
is not emotion,
it is rather an opening
of your heart
to all that is.

Then it is about
'how can I live this love
in every movement.'

And you do that
through giving your attention
to this moment.

And you will see
all of the stuff that comes up
that separates you from this moment.

All of the judgements,
all of the mental noise
that separates you from love
and you learn to surrender it
to this moment like an offering.

Life becomes about
how respectful and loving
can I be to this moment.
How can every action
resonate in the essential love and peace
that is underneath all action.

Not because the action itself
demonstrates something peaceful,
but because you are giving yourself
completely to that action
in love and peace.

From the heart
you really recognize the joy
of such love and devotion.

It fulfills you in a way
that nothing else can.

You will see how silly it is
to look to attain something in the future
when this very moment is sacred.

Much love,


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