by far the most extreme Evil imaginable

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By far the greatest EVIL imaginable:
far far worse than all of mankind's diseases put together
-- an evil far worse than all of mankind's calamities put together
far far far worst than all of mankind's bloodbaths put together
this supreme evil is not a person,
it is not a demon, or devil
This by far greatest evil is not even a meteor that wipes out the planet with mankind.

by far far far the greatest evil imaginable is just a thought
this thought is like all other thoughts
and yet it appears different
so that it can vanish all thoughts
and with it the Universe into Laughter --
the Supreme Comedy that is:
“Nothing Ever Happened.”

When Kundalini explodes with far more impressive dynamics than the Universe's Big Bang;
explodes out of literally Nothing
that was always in the chest
into the brain
to vanish the Universe
in Laughter
it voids the biggest evil imaginable
into this Laughter,
the Supreme Comedy, because
Advaita, Samadhi, Kundalini, Shakti, Now, Quantum-gap ...
they all ARE the same story
of this most unimaginable evil: -- the though that voids all thoughts into
“Nothing Ever Happened.”

So that if all there was in life
was one bloodbath after another
these bloodbaths would be heaven
compared to the thought:
"Nothing Ever Happened"...
not even one bloodbath.

-- O'no

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by far the most extreme evil......

Hi Genep,
Have been reading your blogs at random,
so decided to read them starting with the last {first}!!
Amazing..the depth of the enjoying reading.
Please elaborate the last 2-3 lines of this post..."the thought that nothing ever happened..."
Reaching that thoughtless state of nothing simultaneous with the disappearence of an entity to who it happens...!!


MAI | Sat, 05/12/2012 - 03:36
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by far ...

Further to my earlier post 2 beautiful quotes which best explains how even the "nothing happens" is a conceptual thought...
I'm thinking I've just answered my own query...!!!

"Anti-notions help us get rid of notions.
If you get caught up by the notion of being,the notion of emptiness is there to resque you.But if you forget that true emptiness is filled with everything,you will be caught by the notion of emptiness and be bitten by the snake.All other notions can be healed by the notion of emptiness,but when you are caught in the notion of emptiness,the disease is incurable."

— Thich Nhat Hanh

The belief that the Self is there before i was born and will continue after i die ,is a belief in permanence.The opposite belief that after you die you enter absolute nothingness,is a belief in annihilation.Take care not to fall into either trap-the belief in a permanent Self whether great or small,or the belief in annihilation,becoming nothing.These two notions must be transcended.When you get caught by one notion or the other,you get bitten by the snake,over and over again.



MAI | Sat, 05/12/2012 - 06:51